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This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

Facade Painter is a small utility mod to craft painted Ender IO facades without the Painting Machine.


I created this mod for my personal pack but decided it might be helpful for others as well and it will be available here on CurseForge as well as on github (as a release together with its source code).

This mod is currently marked as BETA as I have not had the time to test it thoroughly. It should be fine, I have tested it both on client and server but one never knows.


You also have to install EnderCore, Ender IO Base and Ender IO Conduits as a minimum requirement! Optionally a JEI integration is also available giving you a separate crafting tab with all the valid painting recipes (see images tab).

Forge stable or later is needed to use this mod.

What it does:

Animated GIF showing the main aspects :-) Animted gif

Facade Painter adds two shapeless recipes to handle facades from Ender IO not relying on the painting machine

1. Painting recipe:

Craft any facade together with a valid paint source (same blocks as in the Painting Machine). This will create a painted facade with the texture of the source block as if you had put it in the Painting Machine. The paint source is not consumed!

Completed facade painting

Optionally you can enable the usage of Chamaeleo Paint in the configuration if you feel this is too cheaty a recipe. This requires cyan, magenta, yellow and black dye (uses ore dictionary)

Chamaeleo Paint crafting recipe

This will alter the painting recipe slightly to require the paint as well. The paint will get consumed when crafting the painted facade (the paint source is NOT!)

Altered facade painting recipe


2. Clearing recipe:

A second shapeless recipe is available to clear any painted facade and return the unpainted variant. This recipe is enabled by default but can be disabled in the config.

Turning a cobblestone painted hardened facade into an unpainted hardened facade


Almost all the things in this mod can be configured in its config file. Those changes will also be synced with the client when installed on a server. Below you can see the config file.

Please note: If you enable the use of Chamaeleo Paint in the painting recipe but not the chamaeleo paint item itself the facade recipe becomes uncraftable!


# Configuration file
general {

    features {
        # Enable the Chamaeleo Paint item. [default=false]

        # Set to true to hide the 'Facade Painting' catergory in JEI. [default=false]

    recipes {
        # If set to false the shapeless recipe to clear a painted facade by putting it into
        # any valid crafting grid is removed. [default=true]

        # Enable the usage of Chamaeleo Paint in the facade recipe. [default=false]
        # If enabled and the Chamaeleo Paint item is disabled the facade painting recipe will
        # become uncraftable without user added recipes for the Chamaeleo Paint item!



Known "Issues":

Here are some issues with the mod I am currently aware of, a full list can always be found on github. So far the issues are only minor and only related to the JEI integration and how the recipes are displayed.


  • The clearing recipe always displays the facade painted with a stone block if you look up the usage of a painted facade in JEI
  • The painting recipe currently as a rotating input displayed for all the valid facades but the output displayed is always simple conduit facade. THIS IS ONLY A GRAPHICAL ISSUE! You will get the correct facade variant when performing the actual craft.
  • When the Chamaeleo Paint is enabled but its usage in the painting recipe is disabled and you look up its usage in JEI you will get directed to the Facade Painting crafting tab. It will show all the valid and correct recipes but not the chamaeleo paint item. The recipe does not use the paint but JEI still thinks it does

Also I am a terrible artist when it comes to digital images so any help there is greatly appreciated!


This mod would not have been possible without the wonderful people making open source mods for me to look stuff up. I'd like to thank especially the following modders as some of my code is based (partly copied and modified) on theirs:


  • mezz (for JEI and providing links to some implementations as well as an understandable wiki with good instructions)
  • The Ender IO team (without them there would be no reason for this mod to exist)
  • BluSunrize and the rest of the ImmersiveEngineering team (their JEI implementation was a treat!)
  • Insane96, iguana_man and Parker8283 (their server config sync implementation helped a ton)
  • Project Image from https://www.goodfreephotos.com/


This mod is released under the MIT license. So yes you can use it in your modpacks or however else you want! But still if you use the code or ideas herein it would be nice to give me credit :)


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