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Fabridash Mod

With this mod you will be able to dash across your world, using 3 different items! And also, if you are a developer you may use this mod as an API to integrate dashing (get it? eheh) into your project!

The Dash items

Unlike other mods, to perform a dash with this mod you will need to find some treasure first! A Dash Globe to be precise, and it can be found inside treasure chests from ancienty cities, mineshafts and such! (with a chance that goes from a minimum of 12% in mineshafts to 30% in the end city).

Once you obtain the core item, you may craft the actual "dashers" (yeah, I kinda like making puns):

You can dash by right clicking the dasher item.

Iron Dasher

The most basic (yet powerful) item that will let you dash to your next journey, you can craft it like this:

iron_dasher_crafting (It will require a Dash Globe, 4 Iron Blocks, 4 Redstone Blocks)

It will provide a decent boost (multiplier of 1) and it has a cooldown of 80 ticks.


Diamond Dasher

The advanced version of the iron dasher, which you can craft like this:

diamond_dasher_crafting (It will require a Dash Globe, 4 Diamond Blocks, 4 Redstone Blocks) (yes pretty expensive)

It will provide a bigger boost (multiplier 2) with a cooldown of 120 ticks.


Obsidian Dasher

The weird and "reversed" version of the diamond dasher, craftable like so:

obsidian_dasher_crafting (It will require a Diamond Dasher, 4 Obisidian)

This item will let you do a backwards dash, with a multiplier of 2 and a cooldown of 120 ticks (just like the diamond one, but reversed in direction)


Whenever one of this gets activated you will hear a dash sound effect, and see some particles!



If you like the mod you can always buy me a kofi


Config & gamerule

To have a higher boost for the dash you can use the dashMultiplier gamerule. This value will be multiplied by the default value of the items.

There is also a config file, where you can disable the items entirely and only use this as an API

For developers

Once you've got the mod implemented into you project (See setup), you will simply need to call Fabridash.dash(Entity entity, float power, boolean reversed) The entity is the one that will perform the dash, the power is how far it will go and the reversed on true will make the entity go backwards instead of forward. And that's it.

Coming soon-ish

I will probably expand the ways in which you will be able to dash, going from a key press to maybe a "passive" ability, or a command. All of which will be togglable. This mod was born to create an API for future projects in need of a dash ability. Like my other (kind of "main") project LightWithin! (actually it was born because of that project like a few of my other libs)



Drag and drop the .jar file you have downloaded from curseforge/modrinth and drop it into your mods folder!


If you want to use the api module of the mod, add it in your build.gradle, using modrnith's repo like this: ```gradle repositories { maven { name = "Modrinth" url = "" rel="noopener nofollow" target="_blank">https://api.modrinth.com/maven" content { includeGroup "maven.modrinth" } } }

dependencies { modImplementation "maven.modrinth:fabridash:<version>" } ``` You could even extract the API module and use it as is, but remember to register the client reciver!


This mod is available under the MIT license.


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