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Manhunt Fabricated


A Minecraft Manhunt Mod for Fabric Server. (requires Fabric API)

This is a minigame where the hunter team must kill the runner team before they can kill the ender dragon.

How to use

  • In order to join teams you need to type /mh join <team>.
  • Hunters will get the compass. Left-click to select the runner and right-click to update the coordinates of the runner.


  • /mh join <team> allows you to join hunters or runners teams
  • /mh compassDelay <seconds> changes compass usage delay.
  • /mh freeze <seconds> freezes hunters for <seconds>
  • /mh cure <player(s)> heals <player(s)>
  • /mh setColor <team> <color> sets the <color> of the <team>
  • /mh reload reloads config file