Window Title Changer (Fabric)


Fabric Title Changer

A simple Fabric mod that allows you to customize the text that appears in the title window of Minecraft.


There are 5 options which can be modified by editing the configuration .json file found in minecraft directory/config/fabric-title-changer/settings.json.

  • includeVersionNumber: Will hide or remove the version number from the title (1.15.2, etc).
  • includeAsterisk: Modded versions now show an asterisk in the title, set this to false to remove it.
  • includeNetworkStatus: Minecraft now shows a "Singleplayer", "Multiplayer", "LAN" text in the titlebar. Set this to false to disable this behavior.
  • overrideMinecraftTitle: Set a value property on this field to change the "Minecraft" text shown in the titlebar to anything else.
  • overrideFullTitle: This will ignore all other settings and force the window to always have the specified title.

When using the overrideFullTitle option, you can also include the following variables which will get replaced with their corresponding data when the game is run. Send me a message if you want any extra variables added to a future version.

  • %username% | The username of the currently logged in user


This mod is released under a permissive MIT License so feel free to include it in your modpack without attribution or permission.