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If you want forge then port it; This project it Licensed under GPL.

Change log

Enchantment descriptions(Warning spoilers)

More Up-to-date description

Please submit and issues you find to my Gitlab or Ping me on one of the Fabric Discords! username: B̷̽̓i̴̓̀o̵̒͠m4st3r#6082 or Biom4st3r

This mod adds multiple enchantments with more to come!

  • Veining - Pickaxes
  • Timber - Axes
  • Alpha Fire - Shovels, Axes, and Pickaxes
  • Familiarity - Axe and Swords
  • Curse of the End - Armor
  • Imbued - Axes and Swords
  • Soulbound - All items
  • Chaos - Bows
  • Curse of the Trooper - Bows
  • Marksman - Bows
  • Grapnel - Bows
  • Black Hole - Tools
  • Slippery - Armor, Tools, Weapons
  • Filter Feeder - Helmets Configs are located at moenchantconfig.json

Don't like the default settings of an Enchantment? No problem! In the configmoenchantment_overrides.json you can now configure overrides for most of the enchantment settings!

overrides take priority over all entries in moenchantconfig.json

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Special Thanks

Provided Enchantment Ideas

  • Mr Cloud on Gitlab
  • cryum on Gitlab
  • Korr
  • Rm on Gitlab


  • reirose
  • D0L3BUR
  • Ҝờţأķ
  • xuyu0v0



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