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Fabric Enchantments


Fabric Enchantments aims to provide lots of new enchantments for Fabric users. More enchantments are expected to come with each new release. The config files can be used to individually disable each enchantment. On top of this, you are able to change the values of different chances and durations of abilities. There is also a backup config file which will reset the main config if you accidentally remove or change something.


Have new enchantment ideas? Please put them in the project comments or on the github issue tracker. I am always happy to add suggestions!




Weapon Enchantments


Consume I-III: Upon killing an entity there is a 10-30% chance(depends on level) that your hunger will be replenished


Ice Aspect I-II: Slows the target down on each hit (more slowness per level)

Does not work with Poison Aspect or Fire Aspect


Poison Aspect: Poisons the target on each hit

Does not work with Ice Aspect or Fire Aspect


Experience I-II: Grants the user more experience when killing entities


Beheading: Has a 5% chance for Creepers, Zombies, and Skeletons to drop their head when killed

Does not work with Silk Touch


Paralysis: Upon hitting a target the target will be frozen and have extremely low attack speed. Lasts for 2 seconds.

Does not work with Fire Aspect, Poison Aspect, or Ice Aspect


God of the Sea: Grants water breathing while the user is holding the enchanted item

Trident Only

Treasure Enchantment


Pyromania I-II: Deals additional damage per level to entities that are on fire

Does not work with Fire Aspect


Bow Enchantments


Rise I-III: Upon being hit, the target floats up in the air for a short duration (longer time per level)

Does not work with Flame


Sniper I-II: The user does more damage the further they are from their target (more damage for higher level)

Does not work with Punch


Crossbow Enchantments


Shotgun I-II: Deals more damage the closer you are to the target (0-5 blocks)

Does not work with Piercing


Charged Bolt: Has a 30% chance to strike hit targets with lightning

Does not work with Quick Charge or Multishot


Soul Seeker: Projectiles fired from the bow will move toward and hit mobs nearby

Does not work with Shotgun or Multishot


Pulse: Shoots a sonic beam that targets the nearest mob for the cost of slower charge and additional durability loss

Does not work with other crossbow enchantments


Armor Enchantments


Tank I-V: 

1.19+ - Grants the user 1.5 extra hearts per level

1.18 - Protects the user from unblockable damage sources (drowning, cacti, lava, etc.)

Chestplate Only


Ender Mind: When the user is hit and is below 4 hearts, they get automatically teleported away (short distance)

Helmet Only

Does not work with Nocturnal


Nocturnal: Grants invisibility at night. Upon taking damage, the user becomes visible temporarily.

Helmet Only

Does not work with Ender Mind


Sugar Rush: Upon killing an entity the wearer becomes fast and has increased jump height

Boots Only


Pumpkin Head: The user can stare at enderman directly without enderman attacking them

Helmet Only

Does not work with Nocturnal or Ender Mind


Glimmering: Stops piglins from attack you straight away like wearing gold armor

Boots Only

Does not work with Frost Walker


Bewitching: Automatically applies potions in your inventory when in a tight situation. Applies fire resistance potions when in lava, slow falling when falling from a high place, water breathing when drowning, and instant health when low on HP

Works on any armor piece but only one is required


Tool Enchantments


Double Swing: Has a 5% chance for the user's Axe to swing twice

Axe Only


God of Thunder: Has a 5% chance for lightning to summon upon the target

Axe Only

Treasure Enchantment


Auto Smelting: Allows the player to recieve smelted versions of any block they break. Works with every block that can be smelted.

Pickaxe, Axe, and Shovel only


Replenish: Instantly consumes seeds and replants a crop when broken

Hoe Only



RDKRACZ for Polish Translations

Talderiner for Russian and Ukrainian Translations

Fr0stmatic also for Russian Translations
Gyular for Korean Translations

RawPineapple, Deluxghost, and Avirtual777 for Chinese (Simplified) Translations

AnLeRIP2310 for Vietnamese Translations

Oddcrafti for Chinese (Traditional Taiwanese) Translations

MevenG for French Translations

SGDaGangsta for Dutch (Belgium) Translations

Binaris00 for Spanish (Mexico) Translations


GentWorm for 1.16.5 backport