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Filename ExtraBotany-r1.1-54.jar
Uploaded by ExtraMeteorP
Uploaded Jun 15, 2019
Game Version 1.12.2
Size 2.47 MB
Downloads 13,630
MD5 d9bd039bcf277e2b525982e9ac627bd6
Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions


Increase OmniViolet's output without increasing its overall production
Reduce Failnaught cast time
Holy Grenade 's stacksize 16 to 32
Failnaught has 5 melee dmg, Achilleshield has 6 melee dmg and Judah Oath has 12 melee dmg and half attack speed
Bloody Enchantress' temptation buff duration is decreased
Gaia III has 50 more health, lower frequency to cast special attacks
The rewards of reward bags 3 & 4 came down
Part of maid armors' effects require mana
Decrease all true dmg's weapons' true damage and increase their normal dmg
And more.

Use dispenser to use hammer may cause crash
Holy Grenade costs 2 at one time
Herrscher NPE problem
The Trophy cant rotate

New advancements
Ring of Mana Drive: supply mana to functional flowers nearby
Magic Finger: quickly transfer mana from you to the pool
Feather of JingWei: shoot aura fire with empty hands to defeat enemies
Necrofleur: deal high damage to creatures whose health is lower than 50%
Achilleshield has a new mode
Camera can affect boss with a shorter time
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