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Filename ExtraBotany-r1.1-53-fix.jar
Uploaded by ExtraMeteorP
Uploaded Apr 1, 2019
Game Version 1.12.2
Size 2.42 MB
Downloads 72,565
MD5 81ec834753410cff2a9679c10f895480
Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions


-Fix a server issue

-Fix serveral server issues.


-New Boss: Herrscher of The Void (you can disable its summon in config)
-New Cosmetic Baubles. Only cosmetic.
-New Advancements.
-A new category for lexicon, improve guidance, move most entries into the new category.
-Most flowers will show its range.
-Improve the performance of Bottled Star, Bottled Pixie, Excailibur, Camera and Origin Creation,
-Manalinkium support interdimensional mana transportation.
-First time you challenge gaia3, you will take 30% less damage.
-Decrease the reward of gaia3 by a little, because it is much easier now.
-The disarm whitelist of gaia3 is configurable now.
-The reward list of reward bags is configuarble now.
-You have more space to move when you are restricted by gaia3's skill.
-Fix gaia3 can be stuck in the boat.
-Fix the last holy grenade lost its effect.
-Fix liquifaction device still draw mana even it is full.
-Fix Bottled Flame place torch in wrong places.
-Fix some items' stacksize.
-Update ru_ru, thanks to theDirectorX

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