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AcademyCraft is a superability mod that provides new energy systems and skill systems. However, due to the author's death, that mod cannot continue to be updated. Therefore, I hope to make up for its shortcomings through this sub-mod.

Therefore, in this mod, we have added:

2 additional skill categories, to make up for the too few skill categories in the original mod

-Aerohand, an ability to control wind and air pressure. It is characterized by strong small-scale mobility, short skill CD, passively reducing many kinds of damage, and the ability to clear its own overload. In contrast, this category has a limited range of skills and high overload.


-Telekinesis, an ability to manipulate real objects using psycho power. This skill group has a low CP consumption and a long attack range. However, once overloaded, you will become a waste.


More items using IF energy (provided by AcademyCraft), since AcademyCraft can produce energy efficiently, but there are few ways to use it


-Similar to the nano armor of IC2, I added imag power armor that can be invisible and resist damage when charging.

-Items that use energy to simulate the abilities of each skill categories. For example, Railgun launcher.

I hope these contents can increase your fun of playing AcademyCraft.


Only simplified Chinese and English are supported now.

Besides this mod, AcademyCraft also has another sub-mod called AcademyMonster, which enables monsters in minecraft to use superability. Unfortunately, this mod is not compatible with it.


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