Extra Weapons

3,852 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 22, 2020 Game Version: 1.15.2

This mod adds new weapons to the game, the weapons are made with vanilla materials, there are no new ores.


Also download just enough items to see the recipes.


Some of the items:

Multi Tool: It's a pickaxe, a shovel, an axe, a sword and a scythe, high durability, low attack speed and high damage.

Scythe: Similar to a shear, but it doesn't drop leaves, very fast.

Hammer(now with 3d model) and Excavator: Break a 3x3 area.

Battleaxe: Low attack speed, very high attack damage.

Mace(now with 3d model): Very low attack speed, extremely high attack damage.

Bat: Freezes mobs for 3 seconds.

Machete (only for 1.14+): Similar to a sword, increases chance of dropping heads.

Spears: Gives strenght III while ridding.

Javelin: Is throwable, is stackable.

Kythar: high attack speed, medium attack damage.

Destroyer: Breaks a 5x5 area.

Daggers: Very strong against endermen, very weak against other mobs.

Musket: ranged item, very strong.

Swiss Army Knife(only for 1.14+): it does (almost) everything


Mod Showcase by Kingphenix :








 Swiss army knife functions list:

function #1: breaks blocks harvestable with a pickaxe.

function #2: breaks blocks harvestable with a shovel.

function #3: breaks blocks harvestable with an axe.

function #4: breaks blocks harvestable with a sword.

function #5: breaks blocks harvestable with a scythe.

function #6: breaks leaves with drop.

function #7: replaces a dirt or grass with farmland. right click to use.

function #8: flint and steel. shift + right click to use.

function #9: breaks blocks like a hammer while holding shift.

function #10: very strong against endermen like a dagger. just hit an enderman to use.

function #11: sets mobs on fire like a fire rod. Just hit a mob to use.

function #12: comes with looting like a ridder.

function #13: has knockback like a bat.

function #14: strips logs like an axe. right click to use.

function #15: carves pumpkins. right click to use.


fixed the automatic pistol recipe
fixed the recipes for scythes
some other things

fixed the recipes for the scythes, sabers and scimitars.
some other recipes were broken.

removed the ridder because the kythar now does everything he used to do.
added the saber.
added the handle and the pole required for some recipes.
some changes in the recipes.
now shotgun available in creative tab(not in survival yet).
changed order in creative tabs.
some other minor changes.
also added the build number in the file name.
note: this version is in beta and it's not recommended.

blowgun was very op.
expanded blowgun durability.
[fix]: fixed blowgun fire hate.
[fix]: fixed musket fire hate.

[fix]: now swiss knife axe strip function keeps log rotation

added the rapier(no cooldown, less damage, but with about 35%-65% of magic damage depending on the material it's made)
added the guitar (most powerful weapon in the game)
[bug fix]: some weapons couldn't break blocks
[bug fix]: swiss knife hoe function had some problems
note: rapier not compatible with sharpness yet

chaged version format to (minecraft version).x.x
some other minor changes

new bullet texture
new weapon: automatic pistol
new item: steel ingot used in recipes
changed some recipes that now use steel ingot
new bat texture
new bazooka texture


added new weapons:
the flintlock pistol
the pistol
the assault rifle
the granade
the newspaper
new kythar 3d model
hammers now don't break dirt and grass
now excavators don't break stone
now destroyers are multi tools
bazooka bullet was too expensive
dynamite was very week
[bug fix]: destroyers weren't working rightly
[bug fix]: now hammers, destroyers and excavators don't spend durability when they "break air"
[bug fix]: muskets with blade recipes weren't working
[bug fix]: hammers, excavators and destroyers could break bedrock


How to use some ranged weapons in

By pressing the key r you will charge the gun, it will remove 1 bullet from your inventory,

and then you can use the gun.





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