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There are three variants of vulcanite ore. They spawn in blackstone, basalt and netherrack.

Blackstone and basalt variants spawn only in basalt deltas on high from 5 to 80 y coordinates. Netherrack variant spawns in other Nether biomes on high from 20 to 100 y coordinates.

There are bigger amount of blackstone variant veins and they are bigger than usual one. On the other hand basalt deltas more dangerous.

All variants of vulcanite ore drop raw vulcanite. If you break vulcanite ore in the Nether it will pour lava. Don't be afraid, vulcanite ore is immune to fire.

Also you can find raw vulcanite in bastion  treasure room with ~13,4% chance, Nether fortress with ~19% chance and in ruined portal chest with ~16,4% chance.

In addition you can find vulcanite leggings or vulcanite hoe in Nether fortress.

Basalt deltas inhabitant.

It is flying creature with 8 health(4 hearts)  and 1 armor.

It attacks players and magma cubes (deals 3 damage(1,5 heart)) and scared of endermans.

After defeating it you will get charcoal or 1-2 raw vulcanite.

To get vulcanite ingot you have to smelt raw vulcanite in blast furnace to get a nugget. Then craft an ingot with 9 nuggets just like gold or iron.

Vulcanite ore would smelt as long as iron ore in usual furnace. Nugget, ingot, tools and armor can't be burned.


Vulcanite block crafts from 9 ingots:). If you stand on it and if you are in the Nether or if there is lava near the block you will catch fire for 3 seconds.

Damager is rblock that dependent on redstone. If it ON and you stand on it you will catch fire for 1 second.

Vulcanite armor is quite better than iron.

If you would catch fire you will extinguish instantly and armor won't take damage.

Also there is a 15% chance that attacker will catch fire. The duration of attacker burning lasts as many seconds as a double number of worn pieces of vulcanite armor.

To get a piece of this armor you have to combine golden armor and vulcanite ingot in smithing table.

Vulcanite tools are specific. Pickaxe has efficiency - 5, something beetween iron and stone pickaxe. Axe is as efficient as iron one. Hoe and Shovel are as efficient as stone ones.

Their low mining speed is justified with their special ability. When you are mining with vulcanite tool it heats. After you mine your 50th block you will gain Haste III and if you have Haste II effect from beacon you will gain Haste IV. But if number of mined blocks reaches 150 you will catch fire for 15s. You will continue burning until you hide a heated vulcanite tool or until it cool down.

Also there is a 20% chance that block you mined will smelt automaticaly.

To get one of this tools you have to combine golden tool and vulcanite ingot in smithing table.

Fireproof salve is a substance that made with raw vulcanite, slime ball and honey comb.

Right clicking with it on wooden blocks makes them immune to fire.

Now fireproof wooden blocks can be breaken only with wooden axe or better one. Items still can be burned. To undo this right click on block with axe.

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Thanks to MCreator for simplifying the work.

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Versions history:

1.3.0 - Living Update




- added new mob - Amber!

- added basalt variant of ore

- added raw vulcanite

- added new advancement



- lower amount of ore veins

- changed loot in dungeons (nugget -> raw vulcanite)



- changed craft (nugget -> raw vulcanite)

- changed texture



- lava wont pour from vulcanite ore if you are in creative



1.2.0  - Gold n Redstone Update




redstone related block - Damager!



- entity catch fire for 3 seconds if stay on vulcanite block if in the Nether or there is lava near the block


Armor and Tools

- now to craft vulcanite tools and armor you need golden ones



- increase chance of finding blackstone ore variant



- crafting fireproof salve you will get 4 instead of 1



1.1.2 - Firing Advancements Update




added 6 advancements



- entity that stay on vulcanite block will cathch fire for 3 seconds



- now attacker will catch fire for as many seconds as a double number of worn pieces of vulcanite armor



- increase vulcanite tools durability to 350

- increase chance to auto smelt block to 20%

- after auto smelt you will get some exp



- poured lava from vulcanite ore disappears after 1 second



1.1.1 - Huge Balance Update




vulcanite ingot no longer spawns in bastion

- vulcanite nuggets spawns only in treasure room, in bastion

- increased chances to find vulcanite in Nether fortress and ruined portal



- extinguishing is no longer momentaly

- attacker catches fire for as many seconds as a number of worn pieces of vulcanite armor
- increased a chance that attacker will catch fire to 15%
- decreased armor durability



new ability: 10% chance that mined block will smelt automaticaly



- new ability: if you break it in the Nether it will pour lava



- fixed bug with unstackable items

- unfireproof block with vulcanite axe is posible now



1.1.0 - Block & Tools Update




added vulcanite block

- added vulcanite tools (pickaxe, axe, shovel, hoe)



- vulcanite armor now doesnt take damage in lava



- vulcanite leggings and hoe now can spawn in Nether fortress chests



1.0.2 - Annoying Bugfix Update




fixed bug with vulcanite ingot (no more particles while helding item)


1.0.1 - ID Changing Update




increased amount of ore veins

- added vulcanite to loot tables (bastion, nether fortress, ruined portal)



- new ability: 12,5% chance that attacker will catch fire



items from version 1.0.0 will disappear(



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