Extra Tools - Perry

2,312 Downloads Last Updated: Jan 5, 2015 Game Version: 1.7.10

This mod includes a lot of different, expensive ( but very powerful ) tools and armor sets. That is why the mod is specially made for player who are ready to battle!

The added tools and armor are made from Diamond Infused Blocks, a very strong block made by infusing.

--v1.0-- ( forge-1.7.10- )

Extra Tools - Perry, came alive... . I basically added some tools for a good fight against strong enemy entity's.
In v1.0 I added a powerful armor type, it neutralizes all damage taken by a enemy entity but this is at the cost of a high material cost ... Diamonds.
**Fixes** Added my own tab and I added all my items to it. There will also be some recipe fixes.

--v1.1-- ( forge-1.7.10- )

Added spawning items and block.

--v1.2-- ( forge-1.7.10- )

If you now wear the full armor set of this mod you gain FLY!!!!!

Lets build it!!!




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