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Extra Thicc Packets


DISCLAIMER: This is a 1.19.+ rip and a 7% improvement of a pre-existing mod which is stuck in 1.18, making it impossible to add to modpacks through curseforge, and it will stop being updated if/whenever I am made aware that the original updates to 1.19+. You can find the mod and original author here: XL Packets
DISCLAIMER 2: The original mod's license is Public Domain, and it will remain the same. If for some reason I go dark at some point, please support the original author.

If for some reason neither of them work on 1.20.X, try this other mod: Packet Fixer

This mod raises packet size from 2MB to 2.14GB (Integer limit, I can't go above it for some reason without splitting the packets into smaller packets and then rejoining them which would be out of my scope of ability), allowing certain large datapacks (such as those used by the Origins mod) to operate normally and prevent the clients from getting kicked due to maximum packet size.