Extra TAN

Extra TAN

For a more updated experience of both TAN and Extra TAN, please check out Matthew's Difficulty Mod -- a remake of Tough as Nails with more features and soon-to-be 1.14 support!

In addition, the source code is now completely open for those who want it.


Due to maintained interested; Extra TAN will begin to be updated again starting 2022/09/13!

This mod requires Lieutenant, be sure to install it before running your pack.


Ever since I came upon Tough as Nails, I've always had a single issue: I would always freeze or burn to death while exploring.
Of course, the process of juggling between heat sources is never a fun one. So I decided to create Extra TAN to alleviate the issue!


This mod adds several utility items that not only manage temperature, but also add additional ways to keep hydration high. Not only that, but Extra TAN now includes native Tough as Nails capability for Harvestcraft, allowing for Harvestcraft drinks to raise your thirst level.


Are you freezing/burning to death? Well it's your lucky day, you can now drink a trusty Hot/Cold Drink to change your temperature to a level less dangerous.
These single-use drinks will inch your current temperature further towards your intended temperature.

If you're looking for a little more, you can use a Super Hot/Super Cold drink! These trusty drinks will push your temperature greatly in a direction.

Super Hot/Super Cold drinks have a tendency to break the bottles that contain them, so beware of your bottle's durability.
Although Tempered Flasks will not shatter from exposure to extreme temperatures.


  • Can I disable the drinks and just keep the Harvestcraft features?

Yes! From the config, you can disable everything save for the Harvestcraft features.


  • May I use this in my modpack?


  • What do I do if I discover a bug?!
    Well, feel free to open an issue! I'll get to it as soon as I can.

Can I use this in a modpack?
Of course! I don't mind.