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This mod currently has support for version 1.8.9 

Coming Q3 2022- 1.18/1.19 support

As I finish my college career path, I plan to revive this mod as a graduation project. It has been a long 6 years since the last update but I assure you a version of this mod will come out this year!



{update} [5/27/2013]Great news I am now going to be releasing development builds.


{update} [6/7/2013] I just looked at downloads, and I now have about 225 downloads!!! thank you all for downloading my mod!

{update} [6/22/2013] over 500 downloads thank you all for downloading my mod. right now I am in the process of the 1.0.0 update for my mod.

{update} [6/27/2013] so I have been selected to work with someone else to make a mod but, I will still work on this one.

{update} [6/30/2013] over 3805 downloads on this mod thank you so much! i didn't think that it would ever have this much downloads!!


{update}[9/30/2013] thank you every one for downloading my mod. I have over 5,000 downloads thanks for liking my mod and downloading


{update} [3/20/2014]Downloads at about 10,000. amazing!! thank for a of the support.


{update} [5/16/2015]This mod has been around two years(or so)!! Thanks for all of the downloads and support. I never thought I would be this successful with this mod. From this mod having almost no downloads to now being over 20,000 downloads!! Hopefully the future of this mod will be very bright.


{update}[2/4/2016]Thank you all for the support. A new year has arrived and expect new version and new content AND hopefully a mod review ( yes I know I have been lazy but THIS time I will be able to do it.) AND Also over 7,000 downloads on curseforge alone!!          


 {update}[6/3/2016] what an amazing 3 years this been for me. I realize that is mod has not only change my life, but with the journey I have had with making new friends. I will very soon roll out the latest version for 1.9 and that will be the 3 year anniversary edition. Thank you all for the downloads. I never expected to be this successful. Thank you all for the support!!!

Getting Started:

Introducing the Extra Diamonds Mod.

The mod adds an assortment of diamonds to Minecraft.


Each diamond has it own color and abilities.

Some of the color and diamond abilities include:

Rarity Key:

01= Normal Diamond

11=impossible to find


Black Diamond

  • Tool Durability:1200 uses

  • Armor Durability: 30

  • Special abilities: WIP

  • rarity:1

Blue Diamond

  • Tool Durability:1400 uses

  • Armor Durability: 35


  • rarity:2

Gray Diamond

  • Tool Durability:1600 uses

  • Armor Durability: 40

  • Special abilities: WIP

  • rarity: 4

Green Diamond

  • Tool Durability:1800 uses

  • Armor Durability: 45

  • Special abilities: WIP

  • rarity:5

Orange Diamond

  • Tool Durability:2000 uses

  • Armor Durability: 50

  • Special abilities: WIP

  • rarity: 6

Pink Diamond

  • Tool Durability:2200 uses

  • Armor Durability: 55

  • Special abilities: WIP

  • rarity: 7

Purple Diamond

  • Tool Durability:2400 uses

  • Armor Durability: 60

  • Special abilities: WIP

  • rarity: 8

Red Diamond

  • Tool Durability:2600 uses

  • Armor Durability: 65

  • Special abilities: WIP

  • rarity: 9

White Diamond

  • Tool Durability:2800 uses

  • Armor Durability: 70

  • Special abilities: WIP

  • rarity: 10

Yellow Diamond

  • Tool Durability:3000 uses

  • Armor Durability: 75

  • Special abilities: WIP

  • rarity: 11

Along with all of these colors of diamonds, the blocks and counterparts weapons are included.

here are some other pictures:


- 1.7.2

Special Compatibility in other mods

  • None at the time


Minecraft version 1.8.9:

First, make sure you have downloaded and installed Minecraft Forge (alternate)

  1. Install Forge with Forge installer(From Website) make sure it is the right version for minecraft
  2. Make sure the forge version is 1.8.9 -!
  3. Drag Extra Diamonds Mod into mods folder located %AppData%\Roaming\.minecraft\mods\
  4. Run Minecraft and select Forge profile(created with Forge installer)

Changelog can be accessed here

Report Bugs here: GitHub Issues

Please make sure you're using the latest version to avoid reporting already fixed bugs.

Source Code:

Source code can be found on GitHub. I trust the Minecraft community to not steal my code and hope I can keep it this way.

Legal Info

see License