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 Mobs 1.16.5

 All the mobs list, including the next mobs from the next update



Baby Dragon

Baby Squid



Buff Panther

Crystal Eyes





Bedrock Lizard



Flame Demon



Bedrock Rat

Sky Visitors

and more coming soon, check all in the discord!



If you are looking for more than 40 creatures, giant enemies, godzilla,  AND MUCH MORE, this is your mod!


Extra Critters not only adds creatures, but also adds a variety of mobs and super op things that will make your survival easy, or so we make you think


General Information (Notice most things are not yet implemented)


Ever wanted to find ants in minecraft, giant dragons in addition to the ender dragon, strong super bosses, a giant sword with more than 100 damage? this is your mod! adding super new content that will make you cry, yes, you will cry from suffering when you start your survival. Many new things in each update, it will not be an abandoned mod, but it will be in constant updates. Continuing with the main theme, you would like to meet huge monsters, and defeat those monsters with a super hammer. Do you want super mega new enemies that won't be easy to kill, armor and a ton of new weapons? well, download this mod, the mod will be very incomplete at the beginning, but when we are at a very high peak (100 or 200 downloads)
This is where the updatecalypsis will occur, since many things will be added, from godzilla, or any giant beast, to a simple termite.



 Information for a mod review, or other things (only 1.16.5): 

1-First step, you only need iron, and try to find emerald

2-Later need to craft a magic wand, crafted from iron sticks and other things (the magic wand will save you)

3-Flower sword, it's really nice to attack, and an easy form to get a cool sword (customize it with dyes)

4-Uranium and titanium, you need to get that (to later craft a nice sword and armor)

5-Craft a crystal totem, and time to fight with the first boss (crystal eyes)

6-Find or craft a iron bow, the coolest bow in the mod

7-Later of that, searh sapphire or ruby, the two things has no important utility

8-Midnight diamond, yes, craft some midnight diamonds and use to make tools (strong tools)

9-Inferno Bow!

10-Cheese, the cheese it's cool form to get food (melted cheese or cheesy bread)

11-Not kill beavers, if you kill beavers to get food or leather, you a bad person

12-If you get emerald, craft the tools, and later, the armor

13-Craft your ultimate pet, Monchito (really hard to craft, but nice to start)

14-Make Monchito Protect and spawn it (or use it in sword style)

15-Founds Allosaurus (mountains or other biomes)

16-Now! kill the Flame Demon, but ¿ why ?, you only need the food and the gold

(More coming with the updates!)


About Modpacks: this mod is allowed to be used in any modpack, public or private


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