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ExtraCells2 - SamLam140330's Fork

Why does this forked version appear?

Since the original mod (Extra Cells 2) has been marked as abandoned. That's mean it cannot be searched by CurseForge. As a Modpack player and developer, it is not good news. Therefore, this forked version has appeared.

What is the difference between the original version?

Since I am not very good at the Forge and AE2 API. Therefore, it just provides some bug fixes. However, I will try my best to maybe do more functions when I have time. But of course, I need some time to learn the forge API ;) Feel free to create a pull request if you have some idea of the coding so that it can make the mod more fantastic.

Is this Mod contains the license from the original version?

Yes since the original version is based on the MIT license. Therefore, it is fine to create this forked version.

DO NOT INSTALL BOTH original version and this forked version!


Although the original version of Extra Cells 2 is abandoned, it still gives us more convenience when playing a Modpack that contains AE2 in the past. Therefore, feel free to support the original team.


Original Mod Description:

ExtraCells is the first Applied Energistics Add-On, implementing quite some very usefull functions. EC began with just being an Add-On for bigger Storage Cells, but after that it evolved into the AE Fluid System. Thanks to EC you can now store Fluids/Liquids in the network, on storage cells or in real tanks, using the storage bus. Apart from fluids, EC also contains some usefull things like abackup battery, a ME Dropper and a fully customizable storage cell, which you can upgrade. And finally, my Blast Resistant ME Drive protects your storagecells against creeper explosions :P
You can find more functions in the wiki and in the mod itself, since the wiki isnt always up to date, but I'm working on it ;)

How to install:

Download Minecraft Forge or higher
Download Applied Energistics 2
Download Extra Cells 2
Put all files in your mods folder


MIT License
You can distribute it in Modpacks!


Java 8 or later
Minecraft Forge
Latest AE2

Future Plans:

More Fluid Stuff
Other Stuff



Current maintainer:



Vexatos: de_DE
crafteverywhere, SSCXM: zh_CN
VeryBigBro: ru_RU

Item Textures:

Cyntain: Storages

Block Textures:

AlgorithmX2: ME Fluid Terminal
Alheimerjung: Fluid Auto Filler