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Extended Slabs + | Now on 1.20.1

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Extended Slabs +

This mod adds a vertical slab variant for each slab in Vanilla Minecraft. Also adds more Slabs and Stairs and even adds "Vertical" Stairs called Corners.

Just use JEI to find the recipes.


Some versions of the mod have mod support. (1.16.5 Only) Biomes O' Plenty. (1.18.2 Only) Darker Depths, Galosphere, The Wild Backport.

1.13 and 1.14 versions available at Extended Slabs

You can even place some plants (Grass, Tall Grass, Fern, Large Fern, Dead Bush, Cacti, Sugar Cane and Single Tall Flowers) on top of Slabs now. (1.20.1+ Only)

Images Below!


Some Vertical Slabs and blocks in the mod (Grass Stairs currently do not exist)Dead Bushes placed on slabs!Cactus and Sugar Cane on Slabs! Sugar Cane is even on a waterlogged slab!Flowers on Slabs! Great Decoration!


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Original Creator

This mod was originally created by Thinkverse and was discontinued as mentioned on the first versions mod page: Extended Slabs.
Thinkverse gave permission for people to fork the mod and release their versions.


For Fabric users, use MineGate · MoreBlocks. Keep in mind it is not made by me.



Can I suggest a feature?
You can suggest a feature on my Discord.
Can I use this mod in my modpack?
Yes, just give me a heads up!
Can I do a mod review on it?
Yes! Let me know if you do! The mod adds many new slabs, stairs, vertical slabs and corners.


It also allows some plants to be placed on slabs. You can find the list of plants that can be placed on slabs (at the moment) at the top of this page.
Will more blocks get slabs?
Yes. Of course!
What mods are supported?
- Vanilla Minecraft
- Biomes O' Plenty (1.16.5 Only)

- Darker Depths (1.18.2 Only)

- Galosphere (1.18.2 Only)

- The Wild Backport (1.18.2 Only)



Mod discord for updates on my mods, and general mod discussions. Join Discord