Extended Items and Ores

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Extended Items and Ores is a mod that has a set purpose in mind to only extend minecraft instead of really adding or modifying what is already there. This means that materials that the mod adds are meant to act similar to how materials would that already in the game itself, no weird magical tricks to show. Instead, enjoy a new variety of tools, weapons, materials, etc. that this mod has to offer including ruby, sapphire, amethyst, tungsten, and more, all put together.











the current releases should be the most stable, however this does not mean betas and alphas could be stable, however generally if you wish to have possibly less bugs, and things more settled, you should go for the latest release. However, alphas have new features being added along with them being tested, this means you can check them out and provide your input on things you want added or removed for the next update in relation to it. Betas will usually not have features being added, but rather has them being tested, this is for those who want to see the new features coming in the next update and want to test them out and provide feedback on bugs and more.



- current release is 1.5

- the current release is compatible with MC version 1.12.2

- the current release has ~617 items/blocks



- current beta is 1.4.8

- the current beta is compatible with MC version 1.12.2

- the current beta has ~617 items/blocks

- current alpha is 1.5.4

- the current alpha is compatible with MC version 1.18.1 | Forge

- the current alpha has 789 items/blocks






For reporting issues, you may use the Issues tab located at the top, this is internal and will not link to any other pages. You may post any issues you find there. Note that if needed, the minecraft and forge version your using may be asked. Reporting issues in alphas and betas is highly encouraged so it can be dealt with right away.


When posting issues please do the following:

- include the version of the mod

- details of what happened














If you have any suggestions, you do not have to post it in the comments, but rather in the issues tab and use the tag "Suggestion" when submitting instead of others.


Also, if you wish to add this to a mod-pack or anything, feel free to do so as I have seen it in some and I wanted to make it clear that I do not mind. My only request is that the mod is not replicated and published as though you are the author, putting it in a mod-pack or in any other way is fine, just do not claim it as your own.


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