Extended Drawers

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Extended Drawers

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A mod inspired by storage drawers that aims to allow for easy creation of powerful yet not overpowered storage using simple components.


In-game Guide Book

Crafted by combining a book with and upgrade frame, the guide book will explain in more detail how the mod works.


Drawers are blocks that can store a lot of a few items. They can be interacted with in world or using hopper or pipes from other mods.

Access Points

Access points are blocks that can interact with multiple drawers that are connected to them. They only support insertion in world, but can be extracted from using pipes and hoppers.

Shadow Drawers

Shadow drawers show the amount of a resource that is available in the whole network and allows for insertion and expansion of that resource.


Upgrades are items that extend the capacity of a drawer slot.


You can use a lock on drawers to make them keep their selected item even when empty.

Voiding mode

If sneak clicked with a lava bucket, drawers will start voiding excess items

Upcoming and Potential Features

Here are some features that are not in mod yet. Some may be added others may not. Features outside this list could also be added.

  • Compacting drawers
    • Complicated to implement
    • Open to PRs for them
  • Progress bars
    • Not sure if there's any use
  • Hiding drawer elements
    • Not sure if needed
    • What's the best way to do this?
    • Culling already implemented

Other Info

Modpack permission

You can use this mod in any modpack as long as you don't reupload the mod. You can get a direct download link from modrinth.

Other websites

This mod is only officially available on curseforge, modrinth and github. Any other sites are third-party reuploads and should not be trusted.

Version support

I only support the latest and mostly modded version of minecraft. Old versions may receive important patches, but I will not be backporting the mod.


I intend to try and stay compatible with as many mods as possible, but might abandon support for some if it becomes too hard.

  • Sodium is only compatible if indium is installed.
  • Optifine will never be officially supported. Might work, might not.


Versions 1.3.0 and older and their source code are licensed under the MIT license. Newer versions are licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0. I chose to switch because I want to retain ownership of my code while still allowing forks and addons to use any license they want.

You are free to use the mods code in any way you want as long as you follow the license and credit me for the original (link is enough).


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