Extended Caves

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Filename extcaves-1.4.2.jar
Uploaded by Polyvalord
Uploaded Nov 28, 2019
Game Version 1.14.4
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Extended Caves 1.4.2
- fixed some config that wasn't working properly

- added patches sizes into the config
Extended Caves 1.4
- modified textures of snowy bricks and icy bricks
- modified mushrooms textures
- added mud, mudstone and dirtstone blocks
- added stairs and slabs for mudstone and dirtstone
- added jungle mosses
- added slimes bulbs that give slime balls
- added flints like pebbles
- added 2 fluoshrooms and the rockshroom
- added spike trap
- added fluorescent stew that gives night vision
- added hard stew that gives resistance
- fluoshrooms generate in swamps and jungles biomes
- mudstone and mud patches and slime bulbs generate in swamps
- dirt and dirtstone patches and jungle mosses generate in jungles
- flints generate everywhere
- added jungle biomes cabin
- added cold biomes cabin
- rockshrooms generate below level 24 and are very rare
- fixed pebbles having all the same direction
- fixed some particles
- patches can now be disabled
- a lot of new config parameters
- added crafts and achievements for new items / blocks
- dungeons and cabins are a little bit more uncommon
- cabins require a 5x5 surface to generate
- dungeons require a 7x7 surface to generate
- mushrooms are less commons by default and in smaller clusters
- fixed generation stages, everything should generate more equaly
- effects crystals are very rare