Extended Caves

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Extended Caves v1.3.2 *

- added advancements, loot tables & crafts that were missing (for stairs, slabs and new blocks)

Extended Caves v1.3 changelog
- modified lavastone hardness and limestone speleothems hardness
- added snowy bricks and icy bricks with slabs and stairs
- added snow dungeon with stray spawner
- added desert dungeon with husk spawner
- renamed a lot of things
- added items descriptions
- added config to disable frosted ice (off by default now)
- added patches of smooth sandstone in deserts
- added pillars of stone (off by default - not working properly)
- added limestone / lavastone stairs & slabs
- modified pebbles generation
- dungeons needs a 5x5 solid surface to spawn on
- cabins needs a 3x3 solid surface to spawn on
- dungeons and cabins generate way less since they need a solid surface to spawn on
- dungeons and cabins always generate where cave air is present
- normal dungeons can have zombies or skeletons spawner
- tall decorations can be disabled for now (as long as the light issue is unresolved)
- config file is easier to read