William Wythers' Expanded Ecosphere

This Fabric / Forge mod soughts to re-create the vanilla overworld in a way that makes a more realistic and atmospheric world.


In the 1.19 update to this mod I have gone far beyond what I ever did before, adding close to 200 new biomes to make a world infinitely more immersive than any of this mod's earlier iterations. With such a large scope, there will surely be areas where refinement is needed. If you see any such places, please give me your feedback in the comments below or even better on Discord.

Where is WWOO?

We decided to split WWOO in two distinct parts:

  • Expanded Ecosphere: This mod includes new biomes and builds upon the old 1.19/1.20 WWOO.
  • WWOO: This new project is focused on overhauling the vanilla biomes and is inspired by the style of the old 1.16/1.17 WWOO.

You can find the WWOO project here.

Features Expanded Ecosphere

  • Large Biomes! Because of some problems with world presets, you should not use the vanilla world presets. Instead use the forceLargeBiomes option, found in the WWOO config.
  • A config menu is available if you install Cloth Config and on fabric also Mod Menu.
  • The overworld isn't piglin safe. (On datapack it is, so that the Hoglins which can spawn in the overworld don't mutate to Zoglins)

Questions, or need more information? Check out the GitHub!