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Have you ever wanted to store your experience levels for safety purposes? Or maybe you just want to trade with a friend? Well you can do just that with the Exp-Translation mod! Bottle up your exp with the Exp Translator Table and you'll be all set!




The mod is very simple and easy to use, all you have to do is craft an Exp Translator Table, some empty vials, and have some experience!

Exp Translator Table - The main component needed for the mod

Empty Vials - This is where you put the experience

Large Exp Vial - For more compact storage! (Removed in 1.2.0+)

Many Exp Vials - Of course you can undo the effect if needed (Removed in 1.2.0+)


How To Bottle Experience:
  1. Have at least some experience, an empty vial, and an Exp Translator Table
  2. Right-click the empty vial on the table to store it
  3. To empty the vial, right click the filled vial on the table to regain exp



* Updated - 1.12.2
* Changed - Experience is now stored with actual experience value instead of by levels

- Helps keep the mod balanced with Vanilla gameplay
- You now store all of your exp you have when used

* Fixed - You can cheat the system by transferring levels quickly
* Fixed - You can only craft Empty Vials with wooden oak slabs
* Fixed - You can only craft the ExpTranslator with oak logs / white wool
* Fixed - Textures aren't centered
* Fixed - mcmod logo
* Removed - Bulk Vials
* Removed - ExpTranslation creative tab



* Updated - 1.9.4



*Main Release


gruntpie224 - Creator/Programmer
Tree_bek - Early code foundation



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