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  • Welcome to Exotic Critters
  • Exotic Critters is a large mod that tries to diversify Minecraft by adding a total of 100 unique creatures to your world, mainly epic enemies, that can be found in all dimensions and biomes of the game. You must be careful because although some creatures are only a small annoyance others can represent a great threat from which it is better to flee and 3 are even new high difficulty bosses. Besides this Exotic Critters also offers three particular biomes to explore where you can also find new decorative blocks. but that does not end there, since the mod has a series of missions, crops, crafting, food, minerals, tools and armor


-Video tutorial in Spanish youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mSgjGixWlAE
and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QYhMgkzJ1IA&lc=Ugy_3GqaWovJwaVbmCl4AaABAg


-If you want, report a bug, look at the progress more closely and even help by providing ideas or support, here is the official discord: https://discord.gg/PWdFvQHdcw

-Tamed creatures that won't stop following you can be stopped with shift plus right click


The mod is now available for servers, try all the new creatures with your friends 


Biomes :




-Tall Grasses:


A swamp-like biome that has very particular creatures that seem to have been taken from another era and as its name suggests it has very tall grasses that make it difficult to see and fight monsters. In this biome you can find all kinds of boats, volcanoes and even an abandoned mansion



-Dead Forest: 


An enchanted forest with blood red skies, in which an apocalyptic event seems to have occurred that deprives it of life and causes it to be dominated by all kinds of extremely dangerous undead creatures at night. but there are also demolished houses with chests and skeletons of wither


-Endongo Forest: 

A biome that appears to have been teleported from another dimension. Everything is covered in what appears to be a black fungus but the creatures seem to be more like just animals trying to survive. This biome also has small houses, a new liquid and a large floating island where you can find a boss.



-Dead Town:

It appears to be an ancient great village that was destroyed by evil powers. Today there are only a few houses in ruins and a lot of extremely dangerous monsters.




Armors and Tools:



-Flutonium Sword: 

It is a sword slightly superior to a netherite one. The greatest characteristics of the sword are provided by the properties of flutonium, which allows you to raise critters or yourself through the skies, this is achieved by crouching with shift when right-clicking or hitting an entity. There is no crafting for this sword, therefore it can only be found in the box that the floating queen drops when she dies.


-Saw Sword: 

It is a sword cast from the saws drawn from both the Doryas and the Onis. It is a hybrid tool between a sword and an ax, it can cut down trees, strip them and disable shields, it has a normal speed for a sword but its damage is equal to that of a gold one, it compensates for this because it can apply the effect of bleeding, that paralyzes while continuing to harm creatures


-Spectral Hoe: 

It is a large hoe made of ectoplasm or spectral jelly. It works like a normal hoe, but with a role in combat, having a very high attack speed and relatively low damage, but with the possibility of applying a wither effect to the victim. Can only be obtained by killing Polos in storms


-Golden Apple on a Stick: 

 There is not much to explain, it is an enchanted golden apple on a stick. Its usefulness is to control plasma mishi, otherwise it will just stay in place.


-Teleportation Stick: 

It is a magical staff that serves to shoot ender pearls with greater precision and safety, since the pearls reach a greater distance and cannot transport you into a void. it is recharged with the teler balls which are pearls adapted to the cane.


 -Cobweb Stick: 

It is a majic staff that allows you to shoot cobwebs with the aim of jamming enemies, it is recharged with strings.


 -Faros Stick: 

It is a magic staff with the purpose of illuminating at a distance by placing luminous blocks called faros, although it can also be used to burn entities.


 -Water Stick: 

It is a magic staff that can create blocks of water at a distance that after being placed will simply go away after a few seconds, useful for clearing land or putting out fires. It is loaded with snowballs that can be quickly achieved with a golem.


- Lava Stick: 

Once the corruption of amoship is achieved, we can make a lava stick with which we can shoot crystallized tears to cause a small explosion and temporarily generate lava.


- Vegetable Explosive Stick:

 It is a magic staff that works like a launcher of explosives that will activate a few seconds after hitting a surface. It is recharged with vegetal explosive that can be obtained with the raffles or be crafted.


 -End Stone Pack: 

It is a thirst that is achieved as a variant of the stone pack but in end, even so they are a bit superior to iron tools


-Chorus Pack: 

It is a light pack that can be achieved on the end without using other tools, they are made from chorus sticks that are crafted with two chorus flowers. This pack has a good effectiveness but a lower durability than gold




- Sclerite Armor: 

It is a heavy armor made for resistance to attacks, it gives the positive effects of resistance and regeneration, but it also slows you down. Other features is immunity to slow decay and levitation potions. It is crafted with sclerites, protective plates of the oiwaxi that can be obtained either by killing them or with a diamond hoe.


- Flutonium Armor: 

It is a branch made with a fluid substance that helps reduce weight, allowing us to walk faster, jump higher and fall slower. the armor also allows us to resist the effect of debility fired by flutes. flutonium is obtained as a mineral in endongo, in structures and by killing flutes


- Void Mantle: 

It is a blanket that serves to divert the light around its wearer, this due to the charrus hair, which is its main material, although the effect is infinite, there are some small strands that are still visible and generates some small particles around it, like this what do you have to know where to camouflage yourself


- Aegi Helmet: 

It is a helmet that allows us to breathe unlimitedly in the water while increasing our speed, It also serves to obtain small organisms from the ground by breaking blocks of sand, these organisms serve as infinite food or to obtain dye with the Estrellas. its main element is the appendages of an aegiroca that only release when dying


- Mantis Helmet: 

It is a helmet made with the eyes of the mantis that allow us to see infinitely in the dark in addition to increasing our luck and mining speeds. In order to function, it needs energy that can be obtained by holding a redstone block in your hand.






- Lightning Cube: 

It is an orange colored metal block, with a strange electric aura. It does not have crafting so it can only be achieved through structures. It has two main functions, to generate a controlled vixi with an explosion and to be used to create the portal to the endongo dimension together with the endermite activator provided by To

- Mesaapizza: 


- Fluton: 

It is a corrosive pink foam generated by the mineral of flutonio hat has the ability to slow us down and give us poison. It can be crafted with only four flutonio minerals, but it is also generated by creatures (Flutos / wonklers) and structures. In addition to the poison, it can also be converted into aerogel by putting it in an oven and it can also corrode obsidian

- Wet Iron: 

It is a metallic block covered by a strange black substance of biological origin. This block is crafted with nine wet irons. We can turn it back into wet iron to store it, or use it to craft the vixi spawn

- Phantom Egg: 

It is an egg that, when disturbed both by stepping on it and by trying to bite it, explores and generates a new phantom. It is only possible to get it in structures and killing phantonormus which uses them as weapons

- Taxi Heart: 

It is a great explosive with the ability to disappear a house, this is activated instantly when receiving a redstone signal. It can only be chosen by killing a taxi directly and it can also be used to make instant exploding potions.

- Green Lamp: 

It looks like a strange energetic nucleus of biological origin, It can be obtained in structures like the floating trees of deepjob and killing creatures like the Bichado. It serves to illuminate, make the stick of vegetable explosive and the same vegetable explosive

- Meat Block: 

It seems to be a block of living flesh that throbs, trying to suck you to consume you, applying blindness and drowning you. The best way to escape is to break them with a shovel. They are found in the crimson forests but when breaking them they release rotten meat, so to obtain them we will have to craft them with an eye fruit surrounded by rotten meat

- Chimney: 

It is a small boiler that emits smoke, when breaking it with a beak it will release lava but the item will not burn. They can be found in the dead forest, tall grasses and classic nether

- Bones 1/2/3/4: 

They are skeletons of beings that perished in the past. When breaking them they will give us a few bones and to get them as decoration we will need to do a different crafting for each skeleton with the bones. Found naturally in structures, deserts, and dead forest

- Night Block: 

It is a dark mushroom with dots that glow in the dark, looking similar to the night sky. This can be achieved by cooking a block of endgongo, killing mongos or using the mongos as a structure. It has the only function of decorating

- Poop: 

They are the organic waste that the player will release, with some probability, at the time of his death. It can be used to recover xp with the price of receiving the bad smell effect, it can also be put on the floor where, when you step on it, you will reserve and receive the effect again. You can also put four together to make bone meal

- Saw Peaks: 

They are hidden traps activated by pressure that when walking over them apply the bleeding effect. They are crafted with saws that can be obtained by killing doryas onis in a ball shape, you only need to make a row of saws on another row of wooden blocks

- Chorus Sticks Block: 

It is a block made with nine chorus sticks that can be used as end wood, although with limited crafting, such as tools, chests, crafting tables, fire pits and returning the chorus sticks.

- Baggel: 

It is a rare substance that remains solid until it comes into contact with air, there it will begin to break until it literally disappears. The block can be obtained in structures or by killing dripbags, you can also avoid the destruction of the block by surrounding a honeycomb with eight baggels

- Evil Souls Sand/ Hate Block: 

It is a cluster of souls with a great concentration of evil. When breaking a block of evil soul sand, it will only give us normal soul sand, unless we use a diamond shovel or higher, in that case the block will materialize as a demon that we must defeat to get the evil souls, with four of these we can craft the same block of arenas of evil souls but without infecting. The same evil soul arena is used to summon, nightmares / oilurus, evil souls or make a hate block with four of them. The hate block is decorative and is also dropped by the holoteme, while the evil soul arena is found in the classic nether and soul sand valleys.

- Zazar Nexus: 

It is the source of energy for zazars and other creatures, as a block it is only decorative and can be placed like a lamp. Can be found in structures or dropped by Zazars

- Nodos Block/ Faros: 

These are blocks made with the larvae of the Bous called nether grass, The nodes only serve as luminous decoration, but the faros can be fired from a faros stick, being able to illuminate or burn targets at distance, they can also be varnished, surrounding a honeycomb with faros, so as not to break if it does not have blocks around it and be used as a ladder

- Vixi Spawn/ Vixi Plaque: 

Vixi plates are made of an alloy of unknown metals, which have the electrical properties that are used to craft vixi spawns, magic soups, insect wings, lodeston and visies. For its part, the vixi spawn once crafted serves to generate a spawn point in any dimension, you just have to click with spectral jelly and activate it, when removing it it will put fluton to prevent you from continuing to respawn in that place. The vixi plates are found in structures or killing vixies

- Nether Leaves: 

 They are some type of leaves belonging to deepjob trees, they are not really shared as leaves since they do not depend on their trunk and are resistant to fire, rather they seem to be capturing small organisms from the air.

- Plasma Blocks: 

Being a luminous blue in both block and carpet form, the plasma pool will cause you to slip and poison you. Plasma mats will be dropped by prokaryotes upon death and can be picked up with wallets to melt blocks, while plasma blocks will naturally be found at the end being the only source of light that can be used as charcoal for a campfire or furnace or to craft plasma torches, which have the peculiarity of working under water

- Aerogel Blocks/ Panels: 

It is an ultra light material that will fire us as high as possible when we come into contact with it, it has a limited number of uses since in each rebound it will break and lose power, you can also turn them into panels or varnish them surrounding honeycomb with aerogel in any state, to prevent it from breaking. The varnished aerogel is used for the sclerites helmet and the aegi helmet. Aerogel can be found in structures, killing Mongos and cooking fluton

- Opalio Blocks: 

The opalio mineral will be generated naturally in the end and when chopping it we will choose the fragments of opalio necessary to make tools, but you can also join four opalio and make a block of opals that with the classic crafts you can get stairs, slabs and walls. If you want to get the opalio ore again, you just have to cook one of the blocks

- Deepjob Blocks: 

It is a red wood, resistant to fire and explosions that can only be obtained by finding deepjob trees in the nether, The way to get the blocks is the classic among the woods

- Endjob Blocks: 

It is a grayish fire resistant wood obtained from endjob trees found in endongo biomes. The crafts are the classics for the woods

- Sprinkles Blocks: 

The sparks are a small explosive ore found in the nether, the ore will explode as soon as you interact with it, after exploding you can get the spark. Putting nine sparks together we will obtain the block of sparks that we can use to create a series of blocks similar to quartz. There is also the sparkler mine, crafted with wet iron, a spark and a gold pressure plate, which will explode when passed over it. Sparkle blocks can also be used to make sparkle golems.

- Endskin Bricks Blocks: 

They are yellowish and resistant blocks that are formed from the endskin, found in endongo biomes although they can also be found in structures. the crafts are similar to those of stone bricks

- Endskin Blocks: 

It is the main and mysterious rock that makes up the endongo biomes, the crafting for the stairs, walls and syllables are the classics, it also has a flutonized variant that is found in structures and a variant so flutonized that the resource is even as you pray, which is only found buried in the biome

- Endongo Blocks: 

It is a pure block of fungus that covers the rock of the endongo biomes, it is affected by gravity and can be found in the end, endongo and crafted with spores. Endongo blocks can be tilled with a hoe to plant puggi or surround a glitter ball with eight endongo blocks to make luminous endongo. The endongo can be used to get spores and night blocks

- Ensponge Blocks: 

They are blocks of endskin covered with endongo, which replace the grass in those biomes, these can also be used to make stairs, slabs and walls with the classic crafts

- Flutonium Liquit: 

Despite what this liquid seems to be prior to flutos and seems to be the waste of an ancient and powerful source of unknown energy, when touching this pulsating foam it will devilish us giving us the effect of mining fatigue for a great amount of time and it will begin to release a large number of purple bubbles. It flows with great rapidity and seems to be related to the energy of teleportation. Today this substance can only be found purely liquid in endgongo biomes

 - Acid: 

It is a highly corrosive greenish substance, when touched it will begin to dissolve us applying rot, fatigue and poison. This substance is not found naturally in any biome, only within creatures such as raffle, acid slimes and pharaohs, but their facts do not seem to be related.




Plants (Blocks 2):


-Leaning Soul: 

They are souls that try to escape from the soul sand, they try to escape with all their might and if you give them the opportunity they will hook on your feet causing you debility 4 for 10 seconds. There are four types, a flattened version, a double-headed version, and a stretched version that occupies two blocks, but they all give the same effect. Found in all soul sand places in the nether. They can only be kept on soul sand and with the versions of a block the same soul sand can be crafted

 - Evil Leaning Soul: 

It is an evil soul placed on the ground, touching it will give us blindness, decomposition and slowness. It is achieved by killing Evil Soul Sand Demons and cannot be found naturally outside of structures. It can only be kept in Soul Sand and can be used to craft Evil Soul Sand or to turn creatures like wolves and sorbetes into demonic versions.

 - Hades: 

It is the creature that is responsible for making the bous using the soul sand on which it rests to give them energy. By itself, the hades produces a constant burning sound that is complemented by a great brightness, when interacting with it in any way the sound will become more forceful and will generate many particles. When an hades is broken their bous fall to the ground and can be picked up, but whenever this is done there is a chance that a bou infected with an evil soul will appear that tries to make you die. The hades are found in the classic nether biome in the soul sand beaches, since the soul sand in quantities as large as the soul sand valleys, can rot any living being in contact. Hades can be crafted with nodes

 -Nether Grass: 

It is the creature that is responsible for making the bous using the soul sand on which it rests to give them energy. By itself, the hades produces a constant burning sound that is complemented by a great brightness, when interacting with it in any way the sound will become more forceful and will generate many particles. When an hades is broken their bous fall to the ground and can be picked up, but whenever this is done there is a chance that a bou infected with an evil soul will appear that tries to make you die. The hades are found in the classic nether biome in the soul sand beaches, since the soul sand in quantities as large as the soul sand valleys, can rot any living being in contact. Hades can be crafted with nodes

 - Memo: 

It is a strange creature with electrical properties that are shown in its particles, it simply grabs a point in hell and traps microscopic creatures. The main characteristic of the memos is to make the entities that hover on it undetectable, this because the creatures use it to hide and thus hit their eggs that will spread over all hell, managing to have presence in all biomes.

 - Vassilon: 

It is the larval stage of the vass, they lay their eggs on corpses so that they can feed on them while releasing mini vasses into the air of the nether. These plants are very sticky and if an entity is on them it will not be able to jump. The Vassilons inhabit the Crimson Forest and the Classic Nether but can be placed on any block

 - Pick Fungus: 

It is a luminous fungus that feeds on radioactivity and waste from the basalt deltas, this fungus can be ingested giving the effect of resistance to fire for a few seconds by filling us with its viscosity, which the slimes also take advantage of when ingesting them, too It can be leveled on the ground again since it can be placed on any surface, but since it is not connected with the other picks, it will only begin to disintegrate releasing spores in the form of bubbles into the air. it can be found in the basalt deltas or parasitizing the shroomlight in the nether forests. apart from eating they can also be used to make crystallized tears

 - Mandongo: 

They seem to be a fungus that lived in the warped forests but they seem to be foreigners from the endongo forests that apparently were brought by the endermans, who apparently like to consume them, the fungus is very strange and gives a feeling of satisfaction when eating it also that its hard part can be used as a stick. Found in endongo forests and warped forest but can be placed on any surface

 - Coraflor: 

It is a small glowing animal that has a shape similar to a heart, it feeds on suspended particles of glowstone dust, inflates and deflates to absorb the particles and release a regenerative gas. By giving it glowstone powder in large quantities, we can use the gas it expels to regenerate ourselves. They are found in warped forests but can be placed on any block without losing their function.

 - Drippio: 

It is the larbaric state of the drippbag, they mainly use the anomalies of these forests to teleport material of the fourth dimension, that is, the baggel which it uses to keep it cold, hard and humid even in the nether. These plants appear in warped forests but can be placed on any block. With drippio you can craft 12 baggels or squeeze it to get water

 - Sugnufa: 

They are vertical colonies of unicellular beings that feed to paracite the mycelium of warped fungi. They are very rare and sticky, the only thing they do is illuminate. They are found in the warped woods and in the house of the bichado but can be placed in any block

 - Popoa: 

It is a small mollusk with a large thorn-shaped shell, they tend to cling to the mycelium of crimson mushrooms and wait for a small creature to graze nearby to devour it. These creatures are found in the crimson forests but can be placed on any block. Although it is not their main source of food, warped grillis love the taste of popoa and you can tame them by feeding them

 - Ghasha: 

It is the larbaric state of the ghast, in this stage the ghashas survive by absorbing energy from the souls of the soul arena, both in the basalt deltas and in the classic nether. These animals do not have any special characteristics apart from requiring to be on the soul sand

- Big Sugnufa: 

Like its small counterpart, it is a large accumulation of single-celled organisms that live off the mycelium of distorted forests, although you can place them on any block. When you find one in the warped forest, you only need to break it so that we can take it to our base, its main characteristic is to occupy two cubic meters and if you enter the edges into the interior of the mass you will be expelled from the center at great speed.

 - Lola: 

It is a small plant with purple flowers, it can be used to extract the dye or decorate. found in the swamp and it needs to be on blocks of grass.

 - Qulero: 

It is a small flowered cactus from which green dye can be extracted or used for decoration. It inhabits badlands biomes and must be placed on sand

 - Orange Berries Bush: 

This is the plant that inhabits a symbiotic relationship with creatures called bush, which offer it mobilization in exchange for camouflage and defense. by cutting those berries from a bush, we can place them on the ground or eat them. These plants are not found naturally outside the body of the bush but can be placed on any block and can be used to make orange dye

 - Mimosa: 

.It is a small magical plant that empowers arthropods, Possibly related to the magic of the bichado, these plants with their touch increase the strength of the arthropods and bring them back to life. They are usually found in dark forests and require blocks of grass. They can be transformed into a green dye.

 - Brome: 

It is a medium carnivorous flower that has negative effects on arthropods. When an arthropod touches this plant, it will become poisoned, obtaining debility and slowness that, if it does not move away, could even cause death. This plant lives in the jungles and tall grasses, it needs blocks of grass and can be turned into a red dye.

 - Suspicious Fungus: 

They are large mushrooms that are found in caves throughout the overworld, they feed on redstone and generate a small glow. They can be kept on any block and are used to make sticks and soups suspicious of instantaneous life

 - Eye Flower: 

It is apparently a creature related to memos and meat blocks that, like many other things in the nether, appear to have been transported to the overworld in the present-day dead forests. The eye flowers give an effect that makes an entity look brightly even from behind the walls, giving away its position, this seems to be related to the glowstone that this creature fed on in the nether, now its main source of food. It is the rotten matter that can be obtained in its vicinity, betraying the position of the prey. By breaking an eye flower we will choose an eye fruit that we can consume to obtain night vision. These plants can be poised on any block, they inhabit dead forests and can be crafted with a memo and eye fruits

 - Blood Grass: 

It is like a reddish mold that tries to submerge you by applying it and deceiving you, luckily unlike the blocks of meat, this is not large enough to consume you alive, but if you get stuck and disoriented, the creatures around you can end up that job. They are found in the caves of the dead forests and can be pounced on any block

 - Raqua: 

Raqua is a very dark colored plant, probably the result of contaminated water from the biome in which it lives. It has a curious spiral shape and apparently it only works for decoration. inhabits dead forests and requires blocks of earth

 - Doadoad: 

They are really only charred trees and bushes, by breaking small trees we will obtain charcoal and by breaking the large ones we can use them for decoration or cut it to turn it into small ones. Found in dead forests and require blocks of earth

 - Mushroom Cap/Stem: 

It is a giant mushroom that inhabits mushroom islands and tall grasses and endongo forests, although it is only a normal brown mushroom. The caps serve to bounce like a trampoline and both parts can be transformed into mushroom blocks. They can be placed on any block

 - Mad Grass: 

It is a tall grass with a yellowish color that dominates every corner emerged from the tall grasses. They feed by photosynthesis and as they do not have large predators other than insects, it has become a pest in the biome that makes it difficult to navigate on land, due to that it is easy for a predator to hide and use the shield herbs. Out of all this, the mad grasses only serve as decoration, only the tall grasses inhabit and require blocks of earth.

 - Gullos: 

They are small yellowish plants that seem to be related to rachis. They simply live on photosynthesis finding gaps between all the mad grasses. It only lives in tall grasses, its function is purely decorative and requires blocks of earth.


It is a small shrub that inhabits the tall grasses, apparently the mad grasses are displacing them to their extinction and they are rare to see. their function is decorative and require blocks of earth

 - Arbolito: 

It is a small tree that manages to survive in the tall grasses showing its leaves on the mad grasses, even so it is still the last indigenous tree and its number is very small. Its wood is very soft to be useful so it is only used for decoration, although it must be taken into account that it is a physical block. inhabits tall grasses and requires blocks of earth

 - Xiloa: 

It is a large jungle plant that makes a wise sweet to attract animals. They are physical plants and quite wide, even surviving in the tall grasses, where they are expanded and cared for by the oiwaxis, by right clicking with a bottle we will fill it with u knew that we can use it as a replacement for honey, but at one point the xiloa will dry up and stop producing it, this plant appears in jungles and tall grasses needing blocks of earth

 - Water Leaves: 

They are a group of tall grass surface water plants. Unlike the lily pads, the water leaves are not attached and are traversable. They appear in large groups in the biome of tall grasses and although they appear on the surface of the water, they can be placed on any block, the problem is that they cannot only be placed on the surface of the water like the lily pads, so you will first have what to put a support block if you want to decorate a body of water (edited)

 - Chuchos: 

It is a small red anemone, it lives in tall grasses feeding on small creatures, it has a certain characteristic shine like sea cucumbers, although unlike these, the pooches cannot be placed out of the water. live only in tall grasses and only require water and a surface

 - Papu: 

It is a small coral that lives exclusively in the waters of the tall grasses biomes. This coral has a special glow that is visible at great distances although it is not capable of illuminating, apart from that it is a normal coral whose purpose is decorative. Even if it is a marine animal you can place it as a decoration out of the water without losing its shine

 - Vendobionta (Red / Yellow): 

It is a large filtering organism that lives in tall grasses. they simply serve as decoration and there are two colors, red and yellow. The vendobiotas can only be submerged in water, at least the lower part of the creature, even so they can be placed on any submerged surface and the upper part cannot be destroyed if you do not destroy the lower part

 - Voido: 

They are sticky plants that absorb energy from a vacuum, these plants can also try to absorb your energy if you do them, so try not to get entangled. The charrus usually store and teleport them close to their victims so that they become entangled and it is easier to catch them. The voids appear on the large islands of the end and can be perched on any surface

 - Varon: 

Apparently it is a strange plant that absorbs the energy dispersed in the end, in addition to its curious shape and shine, this plant has a small field of repulsion in its ring that can be used as a trampoline, even so, its best use is as a good food in the end, since it can be cooked and it will give us the effect of jumping. these plants inhabit the islands of the end and can be placed on any surface

 - Estroma: 

It is similar to a sea cucumber and an end tower, it seems to have powers similar to a jaekel pillar, since when it comes into contact with one, it will give us the effect of impulse that will shoot us in random directions. Outside of this, it is a purely decorative creature that inhabits the large islands of the end and can be placed on any block

 - Fungio:

It is the endongo mushroom that covers all endongo biomes and parts of the end. This mushroom has the main peculiarity of being very bright and comes in two versions, a small one and a fully developed one. They are found where there is endongo (end and endongo biomes) but when cut it can be placed on any dirt block (edited)

  - Flow: 

It is a flower that feeds on energy which it can share with its companions through the endongo mycelium. These plants have a curious method of defense, when we touch them they will hit us with some bright particles that will make us float for a long time, and if we do not have a good place to fall that will be the end. These plants appear in the endongo biomes, on the endongo but can be placed on any block of land instead.

 - Papo: 

Papo is another plant in symbiotic relationship with endongo and therefore can be found in any biome that has it. Papos, although they prefer endongo, can stay safer floating on water contaminated with flutonium. Its method of defense against predators such as straws, is to apply the effect of debility and poison for 30 seconds to whoever starts it. Can be placed on any block of earth or endongo

 - Oxiono: 

They are rigid, tubular worms that absorb flutonium from water. When doing this, the worms release bubbles and a nice purple glow, other than that they don't add much to the player. These creatures are present in endgo biomes with bodies of water and can be placed on any surface

 - Endjob Tear: 

They appear to be the forerunners of end rods, but with a soft structure. just as end rods produce a large amount of light with the energy they absorb from the end, you can use them to illuminate, to make glass by burning it or to make crystallized tears. They can only be placed on ceilings

 - Mongo: 

The mongos are the largest fungi of the endgo biomes, they have a black color similar to a starry sky and they produce airgel with the flutonium they extract from the ground. When they grow they can reach a medium size, or become gigantic. They can only be placed on endongo and earth blocks, but it can also be found on mongos, a creeper adapted to the biome to camouflage itself by allowing itself to be infected by the nongo.

 - Endjob: 

Endjobs are plants from the end that currently can only be found in endongo biomes, Their leaves are very light and bright since in addition to sunlight these plants also absorb energy, their purple wood with black bark but when cut it becomes It grays and has end rods that parasitize the energy of its branches. There are three types of trees, the small, the large and the medium, but they are all made up of the same blocks. You need blocks of endongo or earth

 - Deepjob: 

Deepjobs are slowly growing jellyfish-like creatures. They are made up of the leaves of the nether, which are responsible for emplaying small creatures of the nether air, the green lamp that is responsible for storing their energy and the trunk that helps them support it in the first stages of its development. When you grow a deepjob it can throw out the good guy by turning his trunk into tentacles or turn him into a deepjob tree, from which if we can extract its precious red and explosion-proof "wood", the next face of deepjob trees is to become a large structure with the trunks as tentacles and attracting endorians who use them as a refuge. The sapling can be placed on any block, the deepjob trees can only be found in the classic nether, but the flying versions appear all the biomes of the end except the valleys of soul sand

- Mycelium Pipes: 

They are just a few small hairs discovered from the mycelium of the island of fungi

 - White Moss: 

As the name implies, it is a white mold that grows on the islands of fungi.

  - Puggi Mushrooms: 

The puggi mushrooms are edible but rare to find, they can be found in structures and in some floating islands of the endgo forests and they seem to have been a food source of the end in the past, to planar puggi we will have to find the peggi seeds, which they are actually a shoot of the fungus, and plant it on a carved endongo, which is the only surface on which this fungus can subsist and then give it bone powder to grow

 - Pizza Plant: 

Ehhh, pizza ?. The villagers seem to have created this abomination in the past so this is why they can be achieved by killing zombie villagers. When getting the seeds we will only have to place them on farmland and apply bone powder and pumm, pizza time





- Pizza: 

Pizza is an ancient creation of the villagers, as it can be grown and harvested. It has no effect on the player and fills four thighs from the food bar. Obtained by killing zombified villagers or finding seeds in structures

- The Chose One Pizza: 

It is an ancient pizza made with trophies of killing some powerful creatures, few have managed to taste it and have lived to tell the tale. Even if its crafting includes the dragon's egg, it will recover after ingesting the pizza

- Puggy: 

It is part of an edible mushroom that can be grown called the Puggi mushroom. Probably in the past it was much more important being a source of food in the end, but at this time it is difficult to find, mainly they are found in abandoned structures and the only savages are found on floating islands of the endongo biomes. When eating it, it fills eight thighs of the life bar but it will give us devility and slowness for ten seconds

- Cooked Fernesio: 

By killing the little creature we can put it in an oven to get its cooked and edible version. The fernesio will fill four thighs of the food bar and we can extract cocoa beans but it will paralyze us for 3 seconds. Xilodactilo can be tamed by giving them cooked fernesium

- Hoho/Cooked Hoho: 

By killing the fish we can obtain its raw version that when consumed will give us a poison with a powerful hallucinogenic effect that will make us run at great speed and see in the dark but will not allow us to hit enemies and will make us dizzy for a whole minute. On the other hand, the cooked version is a delicious meal that will fill us five thighs and cure us of all kinds of poison.

 - Ululu/Cooked Ululu: 

Ululu is the fish with the deadliest poison effect in the game so eating it raw is not a good idea, since it will get the effect of infinite poison, however once cooked it is a fairly normal food that fills five drumsticks and gives the powder from the creature's bones. Cooked ululu is the food used to tame boaas and plasma mishis

 - Endorial Tentacle/Cooked Endorial Tentacle: 

They are the arms of the endorials which we can eat like rotten zombie meat, but unlike this, the tentacles when eating them will give you 6 damage by drowning and they can be cooked creating a meal that fills four thighs and does not have side effects

- Cooked Puffer Fish: 

When the vanilla puffer fish is cooked, its cooked version will be obtained that when ingested it will fill four thighs but there is a possibility of 1 in 6 that it gives us a powerful poison. Its main function is to feed harpagos so that they release experience

 - Cooked Kuko Egg: 

Kuko eggs in addition to shooting, can be cooked to have a rich boiled egg that fills four thighs of the food bar. They are also ingredients in the mantis soup and in the magic soup

 - Ichtnormies Meat/Cooked Ichtnormies Meat: 

They are the ribs of the gigantic fish that can be consumed as a very nutritious meat, its raw version is difficult to eat and it barely fills the bar but its cooked version fills seven thighs and gives a great saturation

 - Cooked Varon: 

This native plant of the end, despite being somewhat dry, is edible when cooked, managing to fill 5.5 thighs and giving us the effect of jumping v for twenty seconds, also when eating it we will obtain a violet tint

 - Caracol: 

Once a hypnocol is killed, we can eat it to fill 4.5 thighs and be able to use its shell as a boul. Can be used to make bad smell potions

 - Opabi Eye: 

By killing an opabi we can obtain its eye, which when ingested will give us three thighs and the effect of devility and slowness. Can be used to make weight potions

 - Life Heart: 

By killing a lover we will be able to obtain his heart that despite being difficult to digest, will provide us with beneficial effects such as regeneration, strength and extra hearts.

 - Ekio Meat: 

By killing the ekios we can obtain their meat, which is quite unpleasant, but it gives us the resistance effect for ten seconds and fills five thighs

 - Soul Nugget: 

It is a small dying soul that can be absorbed. This will be easily eaten and will fill a thigh with food. They can be obtained by scissoring a suenno or by killing ninnas

 - Orange Berries: 

They are large and nutritious orange berries that fill four thighs, can be placed in the ground and is obtained by scissoring a bush (mob) or killing it

 - Otto Bucket: 

These worms, besides being dangerous, are tasty, when we put them in a bucket we can eat them, even if they won't stop fighting screaming and biting until the end. when we swallow it, we will receive the force effect for a few seconds but with a great hunger added, probably because the worm is consuming food inside our body

- Hoho Milk:  

Made from a hoho, puggi and endorial tentacles and a otto bucket, this delicious liquid will give us the ability to escape that hohos have. The hoho pick ability will last 25 seconds and will allow us to escape quickly and stealthily when we are short of life

 - Spectral Soup: 

 Made with the combination of spectral gelatin, radish and fermented spider's eye, we will obtain a strange soup that will allow us to obtain ghostly effects for 3 minutes, such as invisibility, slow fall, night vision and super jump, but with the disadvantage of keeping us with half a heart of life due to the effect of poison. It will also allow us to recover the life of the oilurus 

 - Mantis Soup: 

It will take three mantis eyes and two cooked kuko eggs and also sacrifice an immortality totem, but consuming the mantis soup will give you a very good reputation with the villagers for about 3 minutes where they will give you discounts

 - Magic Soup: 

This powerful soup crafted with two kuko eggs, 5 fluton, an oiwaxi sclerite and centrally a vixi plate. When preparing this magic soup and consuming it, generate a ray that will amaze you for a level 5 raid

 - Buba Melon: 

This fruit generated with sweet honey, melon slices and an expensive golden apple, we can obtain a minute of positive effects but its main function is to domesticate the aeigirocas

 - Mandongo: 

They seem to be a fungus that lived in the warped forests but they seem to be foreigners from the endongo forests that apparently were brought by the endermans, who apparently like to consume them, the fungus is very strange and gives a feeling of satisfaction when eating it also that its hard part can be used as a stick. Found in endongo forests and warped forest but can be placed on any surface

 - Eye Fruit: 

These demonic-looking fruits are achieved by breaking the eye flowers and we can consume them to obtain night vision for a few seconds and but with the disadvantage of obtaining the shine effect

 - Pick Fungus: 

It is a luminous fungus that feeds on radioactivity and waste from the basalt deltas, this fungus can be ingested giving the effect of resistance to fire for a few seconds by filling us with its viscosity, which the slimes also take advantage of when ingesting them, too It can be leveled on the ground again since it can be placed on any surface, but since it is not connected with the other picks, it will only begin to disintegrate releasing spores in the form of bubbles into the air. it can be found in the basalt deltas or parasitizing the shroomlight in the nether forests. apart from eating they can also be used to make crystallized tears

 - Little Sea Creatures: 

They are very small organisms that inhabit bodies of water. To obtain them we need to break blocks of sand under the water and with the aegi helmet on, it is a very little nutritious food but very fast to consume and practically infinite, its best function is to feed the estrellas so that they deliver their dyes

 - Poop: 

When a human dies, he can throw a poop with a 10% probability. This poop marks the point of death and preserves part of the player's experience that we can recover by recouping the negative effects of eating waste, such as hungry and bad smell.

 - Mycelic Porkchop: 

By killing the harmful pigshrooms, we can get their meat infected, which unlike that of zoombies, has an effect that makes us regenerate some hearts when consumed together with a small hallucinogenic effect, the only problem with this food is that it cannot be stacked , but without a doubt it is still a good choice in extreme cases




CreaturesBoss-Mini Boss-Creature-





 It is a large infernal reptile that acts as a medium predator, its attacks are simple but it cannot be trusted. When defeating it, it will release a claw that when cooking you can get wet iron, this in turn can be dried with blocks of plasma or soul sand. They appear in nether, endongo and the badlands. if bitten by krill or struck by lightning, it will zombify (Aggressive)



 It is a zombified variant of Krivill. The abilities are similar to the Krivill but in addition to that it does not take fall damage, a better jump and zombify villagers. Krivills fear them and will try to flee when they see one. these have the same drop as its predecessor but can only be found in the end. (Aggressive)



They are a small neutral beetles that feed on soul sand. When these creatures die, they release luminous dust, but have a special vast defense that relies on secreting lava when threatened. Inhabits classic nether and endongo. (Neutral) 


-Alpha sorbete:

This is an extra strong version of the sorbete. For a straw to reach that state, it must be granted an evil soul, once in this state it can only return to normal with soul sand. His abilities are a great regeneration, being able to throw his enemies into the air and set fire around him. Even though the Alpha sorbete looks dangerous it is actually neutral and only attacks the zombie varieties. (Neutral)


-End bear:

It is a great predator that floats in the void. He can detect you from 40 blocks away and is faster than it seems, he can break the chorus trees and give you a dangerous levitation effect that makes it more difficult to escape his attack once started. When one of these "bears" dies, it will drop its horn, which can be used to make high-level crafts such as vixi spawns and shulker boxes. Inhabits the islands of the end and endongo. (Aggressive)



It is a zombified flying mollusk. it will attack coming down from the heights, being very annoying. When it dies it will release ink and its tentacles that can be used as food. It appears in the end and in the nether although in the end it will have the skin of the other endorial. these inhabit the edges of the end, the classic nether and endongo. (Aggressive)


-The other endorial:

It is a variant of the endorial that already develops clumsy teleportation powers. The only visual difference between it and an endorial is that it contains purple particles. These creatures are very dangerous since they can see you from long distances and shoot ender pearls that they use to marry us and teleport quickly while hitting us. when dying this, in addition to the tentacles and the ink, an ender pearl will be obtained. are found on the edges of the islands of the end. (Miniboss)



It is a very tall arthropod with three legs that shoots strange spores that throw you as far as possible, like a turret. When you kill it it will give you spores that you can use to get jump effects or make crafting. You can tame it with cooked ululu, once tamed you can give it ululu again when it starts to release yellow bubbles, you can mount it and use it as a turret. This creature inhabits the end, the classic nether and endongo and not once spawned it cannot disappear. (Aggressive)



It is a flying creature similar to a balloon, they spit a paralyzing saliva that gives you slow and devil to the point of not managing to inflict damage with the sword. When these creatures die, they can release a substance called flutonium, which can be used to make armor. These creatures inhabit the islands of the end and endongo. (Aggressive)


 -Flute queen:


As its name implies, this is the gigantic queen of flutes and they will do whatever it takes to defend her. It has abilities such as shooting you through the air, releasing more flutes, shooting flutonium, among others. When she dies, she will release a box with a large loot, the most important are the flutonium sword and a passionate variation of fluto called heaven fluto, which produces flutonium and can be carried in a bucket. The queen is found in a large hive in the endongo biome, however finding her in the overworld is highly unlikely, so it is best to enter the endongo dimension where it will appear most frequently. (Boss)


 -Heaven Fluto:

They are like normal flutos but blue, neutral and can be carried with a bucket or a rope. By feeding them, they will give us flutonium and it will give us positive effects for being close, such as regeneration and slow fall. To get their attention you can use cooked chorus. can only be obtained as a reward for killing Fluto Queen. (Neutral)


-Lava Behemoth: 

It is a gigantic and quite peaceful beetle. They will only defend themselves if they are damaged, they are immune to arrows that can make you fly through the air and engulf you. When he dies he will only release the mod logo, which is useless. This was to be found in the lava seas of the nether. Its main source of food is the giant mushrooms of the crimson forest, the eggs of the phantonormus, the lophiis and the lamelis (Neutral)



this is only a robot to fight with the rest of the creatures of this mod. can be crafted in survival with a zazar nexus. He can shoot lasers, destroy blocks, and fall slowly. when he dies he will release redstone. (Aggressive)



It is a small brushed fish that poisons you when it loses life and then hides making itself invisible. when dying it releases its own body that we can eat raw to have a powerful effect on our body or, on the contrary, cook it to cure the effects of poisoning, we can also create its "milk" that will give us the hohopick effect that will allow us escape when we're short of health. This fish inhabits endongo biomes and warm seas. (Passive)



It is a small purple crustacean. they are passive but if you get too much they will sting you giving you the mining fatigue effect, when losing a lot of life it will hide in its shell, by doing this we can grab it by hand to transport it and prevent it from disappearing. when he dies he will release his body that can be used as food or trade. they will look for the low algae to hide or regenerate, we can also reproduce them by giving them small sea creatures. inhabits the endongo, end and warm oceans biomes. (Passive)



It is a large salamander that kills any small mob that is in front of it. Upon coming into contact with it, it will catch you in its jaws and when it dies it will drop a tooth this creature appears in the endongo forest and in the warm oceans. (Aggressive)


 -Demon of Souls:

It is an abomination formed by the evil souls that rise up when you try to dig a block of evil soul sand, with a diamond or netherite shovel. He will instantly try to kill you, setting you on fire, lifting you up in the air and summoning souls. when he dies he will release an evil soul and the evil sand blocks are found in all biomes with netherrack. (Aggressive)



It is an aggressive ghostly head that explodes at the minute of existence. It has no drop and can only be summoned by the Demon of Souls and Potion of Souls. (Aggressive)



It is a shiny moth that when you hit it it will give you the effect of shining and it can lift you up in the air so that you have less chance of surviving . killing him will throw luminous balls with which you can create spectral arrows. can appear in snowy and mountainous biomes. just attacks at night and fears the quamas. You can also draw their attention with luminous blocks like the glowston. (Neutral)



It is a relative of the Guardians that shoots rays and can float. When seeing creepers, villagers, phantoms, striders, wolfs, chickens or pigs this will take care of carrying them, it may also be forced to shoot rays giving it iron. They appear when a lightning cube is destroyed with tnt, or when there is a thunderstorm. when they die they will release their plates that can be used to build things such as a vixi respawn nexus. (Miniboss)



This little unicellular creature swims in the void of the end killing small creatures. when dying they release plasma that can be collected with a bucket and used to melt blocks, light up or make fuel. (Passive)



It is a ghost that can only be seen when it approaches. When attacking, it will leave you temporarily blind and when it dies it releases spectral jelly with which you can make soup and get the ghost effects. appears in all forests. If you take a wolf with you, he will not dare to attack you. (Aggressive)



Appears to be a giant variation of phantom but it prefers to attack by dropping its eggs like bombs and his ululu poison. when he dies he will drop one of his eggs. He appears in the dead forest making this biome one of the worst to make a house. (Miniboss)



It is a large green fish that has a very powerful poison that when trying to hit it will leave us in poor condition until we can find a bucket of milk or hoho meat to heal ourselves. once dead sulta his body that we can use to make green dye or food, both for Boaa and for mishi plasma. They appear in the dead forests and endongo. (Passive)



it is a rare passive creature that when you give it a bucket it gives you milk, when you give it puggi spawn endermites ,when you give it radishes it will shoot ender eyes and if you give him a end crystal he will bring another ekio. By killing him he will give you meat that gives regeneration. is in the dead forest and in the end. when he gets hit, he'll try to confuse you by teleporting you and spawning pests. (Passive)



 They are little fire ghosts that glow in the dark, they are passive but when you hit them they will set you on fire and with a small chance an infected bou will spawn. found in the nether, the tall grasses and the dead forest. (Passive)


-Infected Bou:

When killing a Bou, breaking a hades plant, or putting a Bou on a campfire there is a chance that this creature will appear. It has an appearance similar to a bacteriophage, it is very fast, when you touch it it will set you on fire, it will throw you away, it generates aggressive Bous that will attack us and burn everything in its path. when we die they will give us Bous. you can also kill him more easily by giving him evil souls. (Miniboss)



they are magma caterpillars. contrary to what you might think, they are extremely fast and hard, they can climb, set you on fire and shoot cobwebs. when dying they will release a block of wet iron, that can be separated into 9 wet irons that can be cleaned into plasma blocks or soul sand. these creatures appear only in the classic nether. (Miniboss)



Emmmmm... It is a large sea sheep that hates pillagers and will shoot them with poison to death. Also when they feel that they are losing the battle they will go floating . when he dies he will give blocks of slime. If it is fed with energy from the forest, the Morso will be tamed and will no longer attack instead it will apply the mucus it produces to fertilize the soil, this tamed version loves mushroom blocks but if you hit it you will still feel the poison. found in mushroom forest and bamboo forest.
Updated model at the foot f the channel (Neutral)



.They are reptiles that hunt in a herd by jumping from the pasture where it camouflages itself. When it dies it will only give wheat and when you have an oiwaxi sclerite you can attract them without hurting you. It is found exclusively in the tall grasses. (Aggressive)



it is a marine creature that kills all kinds of fish. when you get too much you will sink and when he dies he will release his eye, which he can use to make weight potions . It is found in the tall grasses. (Neutral)



it is a gigantic mollusk that walks slowly near the villages. He scares eorrapes, he is immune to arrows, so be careful to make him mad. When he dies he can give his sclerites, Which can be used to make and repair armor of the same material. Hitting him with a diamond or netherite hoe will give sclerites, although this wears the tool a lot. appears only in tall grasses. (Neutral)



It is a small mushroom similar to a creeper, but instead of exploding it will try to jump at your face to burn you, it does not have much life, but in a bad moment its attack can be deadly. upon death it will release an igneous charge and inhabit dead forests, tall grasses and swamps. (Aggressive)



It is a large mushroom similar to a creeper but with a large volume, it approaches slowly and will try to hit you to cause an explosion 18 times more powerful than that of a normal creeper, the more times it hits you, the more powerful the explosion will be, there is also Keep in mind that arrows cannot pierce it. The best way to kill him is using traps and killing him will release his heart, which can be used as a large and dangerous explosive. These creatures only appear in the tall grasses and dead forest biomes. (Miniboss)



It is a small sea scorpion that by giving it tropical fish will give us 30 seconds of aquatic breathing, you can also tie it with tropical fish and put it in a bucket with water. When they die, they release spider eyes and inhabit exclusively tall grasses. (Passive)



.it is a ghost that shoots at small distances. being far away he is invisible and when he has little life left he spawns many false versions of him to distract you. When you give him jelly soup after multiplying he can become a suenno. It appeared in the dead forest or when you place 2 blocks of evil souls sand and collapse an evil leaning soul. (Aggressive)



It is a ghost that shoots little ghosts at monsters. Right clicking will tame it and hitting it with scissors will give you soul nuggets, it can also be carried with a rope. can only be obtained by giving jelly soup to a pesadilla after it multiplies. (Neutral)



It is a large arthropod that only swims while flipping small organisms out of the water, yet it is aggressive against players. when dying they release glistering melons and his appendages, which are used to craft an aegiroca hunt, which allows us to obtain infinite food by breaking blocks of sand under water, or they can also be used to make the cane of the crops. It will not attack you if you bring a buba melon and you can even tame it, causing it to change the color of its eyes and become hostile towards monsters. Also once domesticated you can ride it and give it evil souls to turn it into a hostile version, which will attack absolutely everything around it.. only appears in tall grasses.

As a bonus, the best way to kill it is with a loyal trident. (Miniboss)



It looks like a taller demonic enderman, it will only look at you from afar and when someone approaches it they simply disappear. When making you there is a small probability that he decides to materialize and fight you, he has the ability to break blocks, teleport, cause you madness and summon little endermans. when you kill him you will get a gem that will allow you to open the portal to the dimension of endongo. (Boss)


-Mummy Beetle: 

They are aggressive and flying beetles, when they approach you they will release a smell that causes the effect of hunger. When dying they will only release clay balls. They are very common, inhabiting all the warm biomes of the overworld. (Aggressive)



-Baby Skeleton:

It is a small skeleton that, like adults, will try to shoot you to death. It has two small dispensers that allow it to launch bous with a great cadence that makes it very difficult to hit without being hurt. When he dies he will release bones, bous and dispensers. Found in the overworld and soul sand valleys. (Aggressive)


-Demon Wolf: 

It is a giant canid that hunts all kinds of animals, skeletons and the player himself, if he bothers him . When he dies, he will only drop leather. Appears in snowy tundras, dead forests, and soul sand valleys. it cannot be tamed but if you give evil souls to a common wolf and then feed it meat, it can get its tamed version which will stop following you when you right click on it while you are shifting . (Aggressive)



it is a small arthropod that adapts to warped forests and awkwardly uses teleportation powers. when it hits us it will give us levitation and it will be able to teleport us. They are very hostile towards creatures of the crimson forest, but will ignore the player unless he annoys them. when he dies he will drop glistering melon.As mentioned at the beginning, it inhabits warped forests. (Neutral)



He is an enderman but small and much faster, agile and aggressive, also having the ability to rotate us to get confused in combat. When it dies it will give pearl nuggets that will serve us to craft telers, teleportation sticks and ender eyes. it is also hostile with animals. It is found in all the biomes and dimensions that you would expect to find an enderman. (Aggressive)



It is a gigantic nether monkfish, similar to striders but hunters. The moment it bites us as well as any other creature, it will put it in its large mouth to finish it off, however that is where we can tame it by giving it Strider booger(is achieved by killing striders). Once tamed, it will become a neutral mob and we can mount it to move quickly through the nether with its abilities to walk on lava and accelerate on soul sand, if we right click inside it we will jump and if we right click while we are shifting, we can make it stop following us. He is in the valleys of soul sand and when he dies he will release a marine lantern. (Aggressive)



it is a small golem designed to hunt piglins, or any other civilization. They shoot fireballs at a higher rate than blazes and can be hung on walls. when we die they will drop bricks but if we give them fresh meat like a villager, a piglin or an iron golem, when we kill them they will drop an amount of blaze powder equal to the creature we have sacrificed. These creatures can also be crafted. they patrol crimson forest and basalt deltas. (Aggressive)



They are purple jellyfish that run away from every creature. These creatures can be tamed by give they bous. Once tamed, its skin will change and let us ride it, this is very useful to travel through the nether. you can use the creature to fly as long as you have glowballs or bous to feed it to keep it afloat. It can be transported with a bucket and when it dies it will give us a stack of baggel, which once it comes into contact with the air will begin to break. It inhabits crimson forest. (Passive)



It is a rare thing that serves to teleport when shooting it with an arrow will take us directly to it and then life will regenerate. It is completely passionate and it will not move from its place unless you drag it with a rope or carry it in a bucket, also by feeding it with ender eyes it will give us a few seconds of luck and night vision. This creature can only be found in the Flute Queen's Hive but it is not necessary to go there to obtain it as it can be crafted from pearl nuggets. when he die, he will drop an ender eye. (Passive)



They are small cartilaginous fish that. When they die they will only give fish but if you offer them cooked puffer fish there is a possibility that they will give you XP. There are three colors of gold, red and blue which will give even more XP. They live in tall grasses and jungles. (Passive)



They are small feathered reptiles. by killing them they will give us leather. Their role is to protect the ice peaks from evil, when they see you they will attack, they can breathe underwater, break ice, shoot lasers, freeze you, generate ice on top and they are very cute. If its daytime or you have rabbit meat in your hand, you can avoid being attacked. There are three types of quama: the red one that pushes, the blue one that shoots rays and the purple one that generates ice. They live exclusively in the ice peaks. (Neutral)







Is a chicken-like elephant bird that makes villager noises to attract us. It attack peaks and shoot eggs that generate young's that can also attack and when losing a lot of life it will try to fly away, but its weight does not allow it to stay in the air for long . once displayed he will give us chicken meat, its eggs, which can be cooked or tossed to generate aggressive little kukos, and many feathers. found in any forest in the overworld. (Aggressive)


 -Baby Kuko: 

It is a small aggressive chick that hatches an egg that can be thrown, both by a player, as by a kuko. (Aggressive)



the poles are spirits that walk slowly through dead forests. They are not very fast but if they hit you they will immobilize you and rot, killing you quickly, they are also intangible for the player needing magic, such as life potions, to kill them.. when there is rain in the world the poles can appear more frequently and go to drop their hoe with which we can apply the wither effect.When they die they will release their soul nuggets, but if it is raining they can also drop their hoe. If the weather is calm they can only appear in dead forests, but when there is a storm they can also appear on the surface of cold oceans, disappear in day time. (Aggressive)


-Praying mantis: 

They are large and fast arthropods that when hitting us can give us the bleeding effect that will immobilize us and obstruct our vision for a few seconds. by killing him we will get emeralds and his eyes, with which we can make mantis soup to get the hero effect or craft a night vision helmet that will be activated when we have a redstone block in hand. only attack us at night and appear in any warm biome of the overworld. (Neutral)



They are ostracoderm fish that can apply the bleeding effect to us with the thorns on the front of its face, they are very fast, aggressive and they have an external shell that makes them have a great defense against damage. . When we kill them, he will release his saw that we can use to make cobweb sticks, saw swords or saw skewers. found in tall grasses and some warm oceans. (Aggressive)


 -Acid Slime: 

They are zombified slimes that can give us an effect of poison and a bad smell. They are fast and agile since instead of bouncing like common slimes it rolls giving powerful charges against the player. Upon dying, the surface layer will break, releasing all its rotten content on the ground, called acid, which applies negative effects such as bad smell and hunger, this is the only way to obtain this liquid that will disappear after a few seconds, also the few Live parts will be released like baby acid slimes. It is found in all warm biomes without a great presence of trees. you can transform one into a normal slime by giving it a potion of debility and a golden apple. (Aggressive)


 -Baby Acid Slime: 

Unlike their fully developed counterparts, these are still clumsy, crawling on the floor with contractions and making small bounces. These apply the same effects as their parents but cannot disappear until they grow after a few minutes. When dying it will release slime slime and they will be released when an adult dies although they can also be found naturally in the swamps. (Aggressive)



It is a killer robot that looks like a little helicopter with sparkles. This will be on the ground until we make ourselves, when this happens he will start to fly shooting lazers, but the most dangerous thing is that he will generate Baby zazars that will help him in combat. when dying it will release iron and with a lesser probability redstone and its nucleus, with which we will be able to craft the sclerite chest, the plobos, the light stick, the sparkle golems and we can also use it as a lighthouse. can be found in almost any overworld biome. (Aggressive)


-Baby Zazar:

They are small helicopters that will try to commit suicide by crashing against us, giving us the effect of nausea and causing a small explosion. when they die they will sparkle and can only be generated through Zazar. (Aggressive)



It is a large marine worm that will attack us in a group. We can put it in a bucket, once the creature is in the bucket it can continue to cause damage but when we eat it it will give us about 10 seconds of strength and when it dies it will give dry algae. found in rivers and swamps. The ottos can also obtain by a parasitic strategy entering the body of their victim and causing all kinds of negative effects



 -Sprinckles golem: 

They are creatures that we can craft with sprinkles and zazar nexus. These can be thrown at enemies from a distance to attack. When dyes, they will explode and realice a sparkle and can only appear if crafted by a player. (Neutral)


 -Plasma mishi:  

It is a great cat that can be found in the endongo forests and in the endongo forests. They jump high and are very scared. when we kill them they will drop us a large amount of xp and a plasma block. If we throw him a potion of debility and then we give him ululu meat we can tame him, he is already tamed we will have to climb on him with a golden apple on a stick to control him. It inhabits the endongo biomes and to a lesser extent in the end. (Passive)



It is a large terrestrial echinoderm but it does not have problems being underwater, there are 7 colors: brown, black, white, green, blue, yellow and red and each one by giving it small marine creatures they will give us their respective color tint. they will give us their dye. These creatures are very rare They will follow you if you have a sponge in your hand and are found in flower forests and sunflower fields. in addition to all this, you can use them as a trampoline, jumping on them. (Passive)



it's gigantic reptile that hides beneath the sand. when they are under the sand they are difficult to see and quite fast and when they find a prey they come to the surface and try to catch them with their jaws applying the bleeding effect. when he died he would release acid, bones, honey and with some possibility iron things. They hide in deserts and beaches. (Miniboss)



it's like a nongo but with the ability to move like an animal. it is not aggressive but when attacked it will start to flee becoming invisible and releasing pests along the way, even if you touch it can give you a great upward impulse. He is in the woods of endongo, likes chorus sticks and when he dies he will release aerogel. (Passive)



They are medium-sized purple fish that are aggressive towards the player. They attack by generating a small underwater explosion inside the ring of their nose, this generates a hot bubble that causes a lot of damage, This is dangerous in case of not being able to get away from the coast but they can be used as a weapon, putting them in a bucket and using them to shoot, however there is also the risk that it will escape and start attacking us. When dying, it will only release salmon and live exclusively in the endongo forest. (Aggressive)



is a small flying creature similar to a phantom. attack in groups and can give the levitation effect. when they die they will release puggi and inhabit the endongo forests. can be tamed with cooked fernecio and dragged with a rope, once tamed it can defend you and be used as a parachute, to make it sit you must press shift and right click . they fear wolves and cats. (Aggressive)



They are large terrestrial crustaceans with an exoskeleton full of spines. They are aggressive if the environment is dark and it will attack like a silverfish but unlike this, when an Onis has little life it will wrap itself around itself starting to roll away from danger to recover and then fight again. When it is in the ball state it will try to flee and it will be immune to arrows but it will be able to puncture us with its thorns. In normal state he drops gold nuggets and in ball state he drops saws. Inhabits plateaus, savannas, and deserts. (Neutral)



It is a large undead predator with a dinosaur appearance. This can apply whiter, blending, slowness, nausea, set you on fire, generate wither skeletons and generate picks around it. killing him will give us coal, its skull and ancient debris. By making a structure that will be shown in images, it will be possible to generate a docile version that will allow us to mount it. appears in the nether biome. being domesticated it can recover life giving magic soups. Rarely appears in classic nether. (Miniboss)


 -Warped Grilly: 

It is a cricket that appears in warped forest. when killing it, it will give Grilly leg that can be used to make boost potions and it can be tamed and mounted with the popoa plants. is aggressive to the player and will try to kill him by jumping. (Aggressive)



It is a giant monkey that is aggressive to the undead and the players. It is found in the jungles, taigas, birch forest and usually faces punches, also being able to send you flying, it also has the ability to throw stones. By killing him he will give us a lot of different fruits. (Aggressive)



It is like a squashed, evil slime crawling through snowy vineyards. They are vastly slow but also stealthy, once it touches you it will try to make you stay glued to be able to regenerate by absorbing your experience. It cannot be hurt with swords or bows, it is best to set it on fire, water or lock it in a bucket, which will be stained by the slime that can be consumed as my milk. killing him will only give glitter balls And inhabit mountains, snowy plains and deserts. (Aggressive)



It is a large walking plant similar to creeper, but much more destructive. When it finds you, it will start shooting vegetable explosives that once they touch the ground, they explode in two seconds, apart from that it can also make you bounce and apply poison when physical contact is made. like creepers it does not mind dead in order to kill you but by doing so you can get its explosives. Appears in plains, jungles, and forests. (Aggressive)



It is the ghost of a dead woman that dwells in the woods. It has the ability to float in the air and become invisible, when they try to hit you they will try to get inside your body and start to rot. They cannot be harmed with anything except potions and light such as a torch or glowston block. when she dies she will release a nugget of soul. Makes appearance in forests, mountains and plains. (Aggressive)



It is a large structure of a mass grave owned by the souls of the people buried underneath. They are tough to the point of being immune to arrows, they can fire a very dangerous light, they can jump and generate baby zazar, they can generate fire and summon guisos. by killing them we will obtain stone, iron, lamps and even a ancient debris.Found in mountainous biomes. (Miniboss)


 -Yuloouw Spirit: 

It is like a spirit of the trees. They are aggressive, they are usually found in the woods and they attack with their mouths from under the ground like the evoker, sometimes in a circle around it or underneath it, when it dies it will plant an oak tree and drop wood, apples and its forest energy that we can use to fertilize the soil, make items and tame morsos. Makes appearance in all kinds of forests. (Aggressive)



It is a small arthropod that uses diamond as a camouflage or shield that, despite being peaceful, they can cut us. If you do not have the enchantment of silk touch, when you pick a diamond there is a chance to find one, he will run away from you and you will have to kill him to be able to take an extra diamond. (Passive)



It seems to be some kind of pillager but unlike these they appear aimlessly in the forests although they also participate in raids. Seeing you will try to release you tnt and launch vegetable tnt also when you die it will invoke 3 vexes and release tnt. Can be found in forests. (Aggressive)


 - Gaunt:

It is a nervous system of someone who seems to have died in a horrible way. They are in the cold seas and when they grab you they will take you to the seabed to drown, you can let go by shifting but if there is a good amount you will probably not survive. when dying they will only release radishes. (Aggressive)


 - Amonship: 

It is a large flying zombified cephalopod with the first objective of destroying everything around it. . They are practically a miniboss, they will attack you by teleporting explosives to your head, firing lava projectiles and dizzying you and mowing you with their scream, it also has a small acceleration and by hitting you hand-to-hand it can throw you into the air or eat you alive so preferably it should be fought from a distance . upon death he will release diamond, ink, cooked tentacles and an enchanted golden apple. Appears in basalt deltas. (Miniboss) 






- Wonkler: 

They look like an armored version of the Blazes, but from the end. When killing several shulkers , wolkers will appear as a miniboss and when killing it will give us a box of shulker. They have several abilities such as shooting rays on direct contact, having a small acceleration, generating flutonium around you, leaving an effect on the ground that when touched will lift us into the air, shoot normally and apply the weight effect. (Miniboss)


 - Jaekel: 

It is a gigantic and presumably artificial sea scorpion that appears after killing some elderly guardians. It is a boss that hits causing a great damage and sending you away and with abilities such as giving you weight to unite in the sea, generating cubois around you that after 5 seconds explode, causing you the effect of curse of madness and generating some pillars that they recharge life. When killing him, more easily with a trident and an aegiroca helmet, Jaekel's Mechanism, he will release a functional conduit, also prismarine, vixi plates and a stick of the seas. (Boss)


- Jaekel Pillar: 

 It is a structure that moves by means of magic, they are manufactured by the jaekel to be repaired, when trying to hit them, they will apply the push effect that will propel us in random directions. (Passive)


- Cuboi: 

It is a cube of energy materialized on an opponent by the jaekel to make it explode a few seconds later. (Passive)


- Rhino Beetle: 

They are giant beetles that attack in the dark. They attack by means of charges that can cause it to have speeds greater than the player's, with which it can throw its proponents away. When he dies he will release obsidian and inhabit deserts and savannas. (Neutral)


 - Brachini: 

They are large and colorful warrior ants that travel in large groups. They have such a powerful bite that, in addition to applying venom, it generates a small explosion. Like other insects, it will only become aggressive in low light. These insects are addicted to sugar and will prefer to look for blocks of honey and people who have honey or sugar in their hands. When dying they release material for rockets and inhabit forests and savannas. (Neutral)


 - Distis: 

They are small sea beetles that attack aggressive entities in groups applying the weight effect. They can be transported in a bucket, when they die they will release sugar and inhabit all warm rivers and jungles. (Neutral)


 - Hypnocol: 

It is a small zombified snail with hypnosis powers. When die you can use it as food. When you see the snail, it will mow you down and make you dizzy while making a noise that you must follow to kill it and end the effect. It lives in tall grasses, swamps, jungles and mushroom biomes. (Aggressive)


 - Charrus: 

It is a great arachnid of the end that can be made invisible among the chorus plants, when it detects you it will make itself present and start to chase you if it catches you you will have to go out ducking and running, it can also shoot some nets that if they hit you will teleport you towards it and if it hits the ground it will put a void in which you can get stuck, it can also summon blocks on top of yours to crush you. When we kill it we will obtain pearl nuggets, ekio meat and its hairs that we can use to make a vacuum layer. (Aggressive)


 - Temnopo: 

It is a large amphibian that inhabits swamps and tall grasses, they are aggressive but prefer to eat raw fish rather than attack catching you in its jaws and act like an animal, only appearing once and not being able to disappear. you can tame them with raw fish. You can also mount it and use it as a boat, He can also be in charge of hunting down the annoying Ottos. to make it sit press shift and right click. (Neutral)


 - Palpur:

It looks like a big deer, but it is more of an ice spirit that appears rarely in the snowy biomes of minecraft. When it hits someone you can apply slowness which is a disadvantage considering its speed and jump, but the most dangerous is the ability to generate ice walls around you to catch you. It can break ice and doubles when struck by lightning. when he dies he will release raw lamb meat, ice and a wall generator that can help you make a shelter quickly. (Aggressive)


  - Bush: 

It is a small plant that lives in the taigas. It is passive and can be tamed with gunpowder, it also cures with gunpowder and that is necessary to be able to extract berries with scissors without killing it, since every time you do it you take away life and it only takes 4 cuts without powder. If it dies, it makes a small explosion and releases its berries that can be eaten or planted on the ground. (Passive)


- Lover:

It's a big monster heart. It is found in the flat biomes of the overworld with the exception of deserts and you will be able to find out easily about its presence due to its strident heartbeat . They are quite large, they have a lot of life but his most dangerous ability is to multiply every time he kills an undead with meat, hitting you directly can apply bleeding although he can also shoot his spines with the same effect . when he dies he will release radish, rotten meat and with less probability a heart that applies positive effects. (Miniboss).


- Coral: 

  1. It is like a creeper but adapted to marine life. There is not much to say, it appears in rivers and warm oceans when there is no light and when it hits you it will start to shine and then explode, it can also paralyze the Disties but he also can be paralyzed by sea turtles. when dying it will be able to release corals of different types. (Aggressive)


- Jumper: 

They are creatures similar to a strider but smaller and adapted to the terrestrial environment of the basalt deltas although they have no problem walking on lava. As their name says they are good jumpers and despite their size they can put you inside their mouth to apply bleeding with their teeth. When they die, they will release feather-like villi that can be used for arrows and books. (Aggressive)


- Vass: 

A small nether jellyfish that will try to burn you, it is vastly weak and when it dies it releases headlights. you can find it in the crimson forests and the default biome of the nether. (Aggressive)


- Ichtnormies: 

A massive predatory fish that lives in cold deep oceans. He can detect you from quite a distance and be careful that he catches you by surprise because if he catches you with his jaws you will be lost. when killing him he will give us his meat in a good quantity. (Aggressive)


- Deeper: 

It is an elongated creeper that inhabit distorted forests, when it explodes it generates a great ball of gas that causes poisoning and madness, when it disperses its young will appear that will grow up to become a threat, when they die they give picks. (Aggressive)


 - Baby Deeper:

.When a deeper explodes, it will release spores that will create new small deepers, which will prefer to flee until they are completely developed to attack. (Passive)


- Bichado: 

He is some type of wizard who was consumed by his dark magic, which he used to bring large insects to life as biological weapons. He can run unbearable, block your shield, keep the area in eternal darkness, and summon a large number of insects. He can be found in a large house in the swamps and when he dies he will drop a cane of cobwebs, cobwebs itself, totems and a green lantern. (Boss)


 - Lunar Storm:

It is a gigantic animal that makes the end tremble in its presence. It floats in the void hunting bears from the end, being able to swallow them with one blow, it is not aggressive to the player but it will defend itself if it is provoked. Killing him will drop a dragon head and can be found among the small islands at the end. Lunar whales also have the ability to shoot magic pearls and suddenly accelerate.(Neutral)


- Flopardo: 

It is a saber-toothed feline the size of a bear that hunts krivills. He is an aggressive hunter towards animals and players, he has great vice and speed, being much faster than the player, even well equipped, it can cause problems. Even so, it can be passed on by giving it ichtnormies meat, it will let us get on it but not control us and it will attack entities that harm us. When dying, it will release a large amount of leather and inhabit both plateaus and savannas. (Aggressive)


- Panorpa: 

It is a large flying scorpion that, unlike its real counterparts, are very aggressive and feed on fish that it attacks in flight. They will sting you at high speed applying a bad smell. When dying it will release poop. Found in beaches, jungles and taigas.The panorpas due to their marine hunting are a good transport for the ottos parasites that can infect you during the attack and by killing them when they are infected they will release the otto and an infected intestine with which we can make worm potions. (Aggressive)


 - Fiend: 

They are undead entities that appear in large groups of at least 10 individuals. They have a speed, life and damage that the player without tools although their number can make them lethal, also, after a few hits, they will apply wither and continue. When dying they will release peeking souls and inhabit flat biomes


- Cambropa:

It is a large aggressive arthropod from the fourth dimension. In addition to the ability to fly, the cambropas can telepathically apply the impulse effect to you, swinging you from one side to another, they can also teleport you to different positions but the most danger is that when they hit you they can call their companions. This creature will drop pearl nuggets and teler balls, it will only appear with a probability of 1 in 10 when killing endermans or the other endorials. (Aggressive)


- Lameli:

It is a giant zombified oyster from hell with teleportation powers. When you see you, the Lameli will start firing at will to prevent you from entering their territory, they fire some kind of sprinkles that they seem to produce, they do not do much damage to shoot in large quantities as if it were a submachine gun, in addition to that, you can use their teleportation powers to quickly change potions, their armor protects them from arrows and finally they can also launch a crystallized tear that generates lava. When dying they will release Great sprinkles and crystallized tears. They are found in places with sand and lava seas (Aggressive)


- Kraderman:

It is a strange type of albino enderman. When finding a prey, it will start to run at an amazing speed, so much so that it will even give you the impression of going slower, the kraderman takes advantage of this to make very damaging attacks at high speed and then move away again, this level of speed also allows it to run on the water without suffering its corrosion, Also when running you can pretend to be in several positions at the same time. When the kraderman dies, it will release opalium and cooked varons. His moment of greatest devility are the pauses he makes after running for a while and when he is climbing surfaces. Inhabits tundras, savannas and badlands. (Neutral)


- Baby Ghast:

The baby ghast as its name implies, it is the early stage of the floating life of the ghast, these are ebasive, small, translucent and very cute. Its greatest defense is to use the ghostly jelly it feeds on to become invisible, even so it will continue to make noises and generate particles from time to time. The baby ghast cannot be tamed but you can earn their trust by feeding them soul nuggets, for that you have to summon them even when they are invisible, but luckily they are attracted to that food. Once we have his trust, he will release us some levels of xp and we can give him more soul nuggets to obtain the effect of fire resistance and make him follow us. In order not to explode, the ghasts have to release their fireballs and the babies who trust you can shoot by mistake, luckily their charges can only set fire to entities and they can be forced to detonate with a lighter. To transport them we can use the soul nuggets, use a rope or put it in a lava bucket. It should be mentioned that baby ghast are not very trusting and if they take damage they will make them completely invisible again. dwells in the sandy valleys of soul


- Pumpkin:

It is a creeper type emerged from the pumpkins, these creepers seem to be much more aggressive than their more common relatives, this when seeing you in its range of 25 blocks, it will get upset and begin to scream while it releases particles and runs at full speed to try to blow you up in pieces with an instant explosion upon contact. These creatures also have an induced explosion if activated with a lighter, it will fly off and explode like a firework. When we kill him we will obtain Pumbakins that we can use as contact grenades. These creatures inhabit the badlands biomes (Aggressive)


 - Bamboola: 

It is a green creature made of bamboo with an elongated shape perfect to move easily between these plants. It has the ability to use its head like a bat to throw us away and poison us with its hair from the face, they are also good at swimming and when killing it, it releases bamboo, seeds and its poison organ that we cannot have in our inventory without suffering its effects, but we can use it to make healing potions and a special sword. Inhabits the bamboo jungles (Aggressive)


- Bloquete:

It is a great guardian specialized in the melee attack, making charges in the water to hit us and throw us out of the monuments. When a guardian dies it is likely that this creature appears to tank you, by killing it we will obtain a lot of prismarine and it can only spawn by hunting guardians but it cannot disappear. (Aggressive)


- Pigshroom:

It is a pig infected by the fungi of the islands. Unlike cows, this fungus made pigs very irritable and they will attack you if you touch them by hitting you giving you nausea, it also attacks other pigs to infect them with the fungus. By killing one of these pigs we will obtain a mycelic porkchop that cannot be stacked but regenerates all life in a matter of half a second. Inhabits the mushroom islands (Neutral)


 - Amigo:

He is a small creeper with a highly suspicious shape but with great abilities. These creatures have the ability to buff surrounding creatures with glitters that make them practically indestructible without removing the Amigo. The Amigo also seems to be an extremely intelligent creature having active structures and being able to trade with them, they like cakes and by giving them we will obtain great rewards. We can transport them with a bowl and when they are killed they will leave a small cloud of gas and will cause two fungi although it also has the possibility of call reinforcements. Inhabits mushroom islands, dark forests, and on ships in jungles (Passive)


- Amigo Elit:

When you kill an Amigo to his gas cloud, some armored soldiers can be transported. When these soldiers appear, they will drop a diamond and begin to hunt you with their heavy masses and high resistance (Aggressive)


 - Guara: 

Guara is a marine arthropod. He will attack you as soon as he sees you using his poison that will also not allow you to break blocks, these creatures live in underground waters and small structures made with marine spider webs that allow them to breathe underwater. Upon death they will drop thread , Spider Eyes and the Sea Spider Web Block. (Aggressive)


- Salta: 

Salta is a flattened, green slime that uses an inner division of its body to propel itself higher. these creatures will not give you importance unless you get too close . they are good swimmers and jumpers and hitting you will force you to jump, sometimes high enough to hurt you. killing him will release his slime that can be used to make fake milk along with a bucket, this helps to have several stacked cures. lives in the swamps. (Neutral)


 - Lidrico: 

Is a large echinoderm that blends in with jungle vegetation. It is a great predator and will try to stealthily swim until prey catches you with its long arms that allow it to capture prey even if they are far from the coast. When he catches us, the best option will be to try to swim quickly to the coast, letting go since he is not a fast swimmer and have a lot of life, but when he catches us, he applies the effect of bad smell and poison that can hinder our retreat. they are very general predators and not so smart, they will grab any monster or animal near the coast, but when killing other creatures they will apply luck on the items and regenerate life. It inhabits jungle lakes and rivers and drops jungle leaves, vines, honeycomb and a green lantern when it dies. (Aggressive)


- Skinner: 

It is a monster covered with peeled skin that lurks in caves throughout the overworld, imitating the sounds of villagers to attract victims. Try to stay away since he doesn't have very good eyesight but if you get too close he won't stop until he kills you with his claws that apply bleeding and mining fatigue, when he enters this chase state, he will start screaming causing spontaneous blindness in the player and breaking every block that gets in the way, in this state it cannot be damaged with arrows. When this creature dies, it will drop skin from the end, ender pearl and several Bous. (Aggressive)


 - Morviller:

It appears to be a vampirized villager with the power of flight that lives in caves but can also appear if several bats are killed or if a villager is killed by a witch. to attack it drains your blood causing you the effect of bleeding and regenerating its life, so if it manages to bite you it can become a challenge, it does not resist sunlight and when it dies it will try to escape becoming a bat and leaving quartz. (Aggressive) 


- Kullu:

This gigantic slime has a protruding mouth like a cannon that makes it a living tank, it appears in caves where, although its size may not seem so, it can get into narrow spaces and climb. His main attack is to shoot a charge from his mouth that causes a small explosion and temporarily fills the area with yellow slime that forces you to jump involuntarily and could even spawn smaller versions of him called Baby Kullus, luckily he is quite slow to move like to shoot. When it dies it will drop a bit of yellow slime, aerogel and gold but beware that it will also be divided into 5 baby kullus. (Aggressive)


 - Baby Kullu:

Like its adult version, this creature has a cannon-shaped mouth that it uses to shoot small spites that try to slow down the victim. They are not strong at all but without a doubt they become a great annoyance while their father is around and when they die they will not release anything. (Aggressive)


- Chinchi Zombie:

It seems to be a zombie of an old miner with a giant parasite called Chinchi, it lives in the caves of the overworld and the parasite seems to protect it while it multiplies. This zombie covered by the eggs is a little slower but it is immune to arrows, it has a much higher resistance to damage and it does not affect the push, becoming a problem in dead spaces, but the worst thing is that when it dies several of the Chinchi that were hatching to try to kill you or if they have a zombie nearby, to infect it, so it is advisable not to kill them with zombies around. Upon death it will drop zombie meat and maybe iron, gold and coal. (Aggressive) 


- Chinchi: 

It is a parasitic larva that infects zombies, it seems to be related to the mummy beetles but unlike these, the Chinchi do not appear naturally since they live inside the Chinchi Zombies and when they leave it, they will quickly look for another zombie to infect, if they don't find a zombie quickly they will begin to drown. When he dies he won't let go of anything. (Aggressive) 


- Redo:

Redo appears to be a fusion between a horse and a human torso but without skin. This creature can jump two blocks and run faster than a player, it will try to impale you with its spear which will cause a great push and disabling your shield, it is also resistant to fire and falls. The greatest weakness of this undead is water, if it is submerged it will begin to lose life and vanish but without releasing its drop, if it is killed with a sword it will release a lot of meat, it will also rot with certain possibility its head, ribs and legs that can be used to craft a statue that summons the zombie horse. This creature appears mainly in the birch forest, roofed forest and dead towns. (Aggressive)

 - Chilopoto:

Chilopoto is a centipede that actively and very effectively hunts other small insects, such as onis, mummy beetles, and silver fish. It is also aggressive to the player but being so big he will prefer to immobilize us by shooting webs at us and then apply a powerful poison to us. Often after killing a victim, it will try to eat its own cloth. when they die they only leave a little food and can be found in the caves of all the vanilla biomes of the overworld. (Aggressive)



  1. It is a small undead creature that hates torches very much and will try to put them out when you are not around, it will try to run away when you get close but it will follow you if you carry an ender eye. when hit with an object or a stack of objects, it can turn them into charcoal, so better be careful with that, fount in caves. (Passive)



Pososo is a large peaceful but strong mammal. It lives in small groups on frozen tundras, flowery plains and wooded badlands. When the whole herd is attacked, it will come out to defend itself, they have a lot of life and strength so it is better not to bother it, it also has the ability to destroy some blocks. This great creature has a pouch where we can store objects or hide, in order to transport them we can use a rope or draw attention to it with a cleaner. He is afraid of spiders and when he dies he will drop leather, bones and beef. (Neutral)






 This mod is compatible with wastelands of baedoor mod

have fun ;)