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A vein miner alternative originally created for just my own use.

Config file is saved in config/excavation-common.toml (MOVED SINCE 1.4)


 How to add blocks to white/blacklist (blacklist is used by default):

The white and blacklists exist in the form of datapack tags.
Whitelist tag - excavation:whitelist

Blacklist tag - excavation:blacklist


Current features:

- Mine a block with a valid tool and any connected copies.

- Crouch to activate (I will be adding a keybind) Re-added in 1.5

1.1 additions:

- Press the keybind to start veinmining (` by default [The button to the left of 1])

- All items now drop at the player. This can be disabled in the config (But why would you do that?)

- All xp dropped spawns as a single orb at the player.

- Configurable amount of maximum blocks (Default 64)

- Now functional on servers (internal screaming)

- Config option to modify per-block exhaustion

- Data pack tags for white/blacklists. Blacklist is always enabled. Whitelist is enabled as soon as 1 block is added to it. File example here.

- Config option to require the correct tool for the block being mined

- Can not start excavating when the player is starving

1.4 (Bugfixes only):

- Now ignores tool requirements in creative (Closes #8)
- Tools arent damaged in creative mode now (Closes #9)
- Fake players can't excavate now (Closes #10)
- Mouse button keybinds now work (Closes #12)
- Per-player keybind working now (Closes #13)
- No more ghost blocks
- No more crash on keybind usage


- Vacuum mode (default) now attempts to place items in your inventory before dropping them on the floor. (Closes #11)

- Added a crouching config. (Closes #7)

- MAJOR: Added block groups. These are mutually exclusive groups of blocks that the user wants to be excavated together. (Closes #3)

      * Please let me know if there are any problems with this ASAP

Groups information: REMOVED IN 1.6.

To create groups, find or create a file in your config folder named excavation-groups.json

In this file you should see two sets of square brackets, maybe with bedrock written in there.


To create a block group simply write as follows:


You may add any amount of groups with any number of blocks.
REMEMBER: DO NOT PUT MULTIPLE OF THE SAME BLOCK IN DIFFERENT GROUPS, OR IN THE SAME GROUP. Ex: dirt in the first group and dirt in the second group OR dirt in the first group twice


- Updated to 1.16.5, FINALLY!

- Fixed a bug that went unnoticed for a year. Was making the number of excavated blocks off by one.




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