Ex Nihilo NEI Add-on

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Ex Nihilo NEI Add-on

This is a simple add-on for Ex Nihilo (by Erasmus Crowley) that offers NEI integration for hammering, sieving, and composting. It show the odds of obtaining items from smashing blocks with Ex Nihilo hammers or running them through Ex Nihilo sieves. It also shows you the number of items required for composting in Ex Nihilo barrels.

Version 1.0.0, changed the way odds are displayed. They are now given as the odds against (previously odds for), which are more common. It also makes it more obvious that they are odds.

Odds & Probabilites

When hammering or sieving, there are three possible outcomes:

  1. You receive exactly one reward. For example, hammering sand into dust. This is the boring case, and no extra information is displayed.
  2. You receive multiples of the same reward. For example, sieving dirt into stone. In this case, NEI cycles through all possible outcomes and show the probability of receiving exactly that many rewards. Additionally, when mousing over the reward, a tooltip displays the mean/average number of rewards.
  3. You have a chance of receiving one reward. For example, siving gravel for coal. In this case, NEI shows the odds against you receiving that reward. In the case of gravel for coal the odds are 7:1 against, meaning (on average) for every 7 times you don't receive coal, on the 8th go, you will.

Cases 2 and 3 above are not mutually exclusive. For example, when sieving dirt you will always receive some number of stones (case 2) and have a chance of receiving grass seeds (case 3) (amongst other rewards).


This mod requires Ex Nihilo (you will want at least v1.29d to fix a minor bug with hammers), and NEI to be installed. Just drop the file into the mods folder of your Minecraft install.

Currently, only Minecraft 1.6.4 is supported, but expect a 1.7.2 update in the future.


Want this add-on in your language? Please see GitHub for contributing translations.


The source code for this mod can be found on GitHub.


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