Lots of Things Mod

1,414 Downloads Last Updated: Jul 2, 2018 Game Version: 1.12.2  

A.K.A The Everything Mod

This mod adds a little bit of everything. A few new ores, new tools, armor, materials, biomes, mobs, and eventually dimensions.

This mod is in its early stages and any bugs reports/new ideas are welcome.

Here is a list of what exists so far:

There are three new naturally generating ores (ruby, invisilite, and pink quartz)

Two new biomes (A tainted biome that spawns a new mob plus a few others, and an Extreme Hills Plus which is a more extreme, extreme hills)

Ten new items(ruby, fire, pink quartz, obsidian ingot, invisilite ingot, camo ingot, cloth, diamond infuse iron ingot, stable core, unstable core)

Three new foods(ruby apple, enchanted ruby apple, spam)

Three sets of tools(ruby, fire, and pink quartz, plus a start of a new laser set)

Five sets of armor(ruby, invisilite, pink quartz, camo, diamond infused iron)

Two special armor pieces(A potion holder that constantly gives you potion effects, a night vision helmet)

Ten new blocks (ruby, ruby ore, rainbow wool, invisilite ore, pink quartz, pink quartz ore, mega glowstone, camo, diamond infused iron, tainted dirt, tainted grass, and crate)

and lastly one new mob(ender slime which acts like a slime mixed with an enderman)


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