EssentialCraft 3

305,588 Downloads Last Updated: Aug 14, 2015 Game Version: 1.7.10

What is EssentialCraft?

EssentialCraft 3 is a magic themed mod, that adds lots and lots of devices to the game. Here is a list of added content:

-Around 60 new blocks
-Around 100 new Items
-3 new mobs
 -1 new dimension
-A new energy type - MRU and lots of ways to generate it

What EssentialCraft allows you to do?

EssentialCraft3 allows you to do lots of stuff, including

-Create and store MRU
-Create some decorative blocks
-Create an automated quarry, that allows you to mine up to 128x128 area of blocks until the bedrock layer
-Create a device, that holds monsters in place
-Create a device, that can use 1 potion up to 8 times in a small AOE, without losing the efficiency of the potion
-Create a device, that can enchant items up to level 60, using not your experience, but MRU
-Create a device, that is capable of generating drops from any mob
-Create a device, that can repare your tools and armor
-Create a device, that allows you to quadruple the outcome of your ores using MRU and lava
-Create a structure, that can teleport you any distance(including other dimensions!)
-Create a structure, that can smelt items, using MRU
-Create guns

-Some tool sets, including one, which automatically uses the right tool to mine
-An item, that allows you to carry around biomes!
-An item, that can mine a 3x3x3 zone of any block.
-An item, that can harvest mob spawners
-An item, that acts both as an AOE bonemeal, and can instantly grow any animal
-3 items, that restore your hp/hunger/remove debuffs
-A set of 10 elemental charms, that can grant you different abilities.
-An item, that allows you to fly
-lots new different weapons
-4 sets of armor

and lots of other stuff!

That seems interesting, how can I get to that?

Easy way. Just grab some simple resources and craft a Book of Knowledge. It has all the information you want in it:

Installation guide - universal

1)If you do not have minecraftforge installed, install it. It is really simple with their new installer.
2)Download the mod itself.
3)Install DummyCore
4)Install Baubles
5)Put the downloaded .zip into your mods folder
6)Launch the game to see if everything works correctly


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