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Equivalence is a small addon for EE3 that adds all the original recipes to the minium stone from older builds of EE3.

If some of the recipes seems to be to "OP" they can be disabled in the Equivalence Config.

If there are any other recipes I have missed please add them to my issue tracker Here.


Added a temp Transmutation stone till ee3 is updated

for minecraft 1.8 only requires C4Lib

C4Lib Download

The licence is located at COPYING.txt, but to save you the trouble, it's GPLv3 (with one of the sounds under CC Attribution License).
Basically, do whatever you want, as long as it's free, open source, and stays under GPL. (Yes, that allows you to use it in your modpack.)


EE3 Downloads are available Here 

Credits to Pahimar for making EE3.


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