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Equipment Tooltips does one thing: adds a row of icons and numbers above the tooltip for tools, swords, bows, armor, and other damageable items. Support for swords, bows, pickaxes, shovels, axes, hoes, shears, fishing rods, and more. This was previously a feature of Silent's Gems.

If possible, the mod also compares the item you are looking at to your currently equipped one (the appropriate armor slot for armor, or your main hand for everything else). A green up arrow means the stat is higher than what you have, a red down arrow means lower, and a yellow dash mean equal.

No item will display all possible stats, only the most important ones for the item type. For example, pickaxes typically are not used as weapons. Not judging if you do, but...


The mod should work with most items that extend vanilla classes, with special support for Silent Gear (1.13.2) and Tinkers Construct (1.12.2). Tools can be funky, as every mod implements them a little differently. So you may see values that do not make sense for some items.

Known compatibility (and issues)

  • Silent Gear (1.13.2+) - Silent Gear's tools and armor replaced Silent's Gems' in Minecraft 1.13.2, so naturally the mod supports them. Main parts will also display some common stats, to make finding the ideal material for whatever you are crafting a little easier.
  • Silent's Gems (1.12.2 only) - This mod was originally a part of SGems, so it still supports the magic and bow stats that are unique to the mod.
  • Tinkers Construct (currently just 1.12.2) - Not supported by 1.13.2 at time of writing, since TiC has not updated. Support may be a little hit-or-miss, since TiC does not extend vanilla classes. Currently, all harvest tools will display the same stats as pickaxes. Ranged weapon stats probably will not be correct. If you notice anything else that seems off, let me know.


These are the icons used. Most of them are items in vanilla Minecraft.

  • Anvil (custom icon) - Durability. Should display for all damageable items.
  • Iron Ingot - Harvest (mining) level. That determines which ores you can mine. Compare to vanilla pickaxes if you do not know harvest levels.
  • Pickaxe - Harvest (mining) speed. How quickly the tool mines blocks it is effective on. Shows for pickaxes, shovels, axes, and shears.
  • Sword - Attack damage. Shows for swords and axes.
  • Scepter - Magic damage (Silent's Gems or Silent Gear)
  • Feather - Attack speed or bow draw speed (Silent's Gems or Silent Gear bows only)
  • Arrow - Ranged (arrow) damage. Currently only works with Silent's Gems or Silent Gear bows, everything else just shows vanilla values.
  • Iron Helmet - Armor value
  • Diamond Helmet - Armor toughness
  • Splash Potion - Magic protection (Silent's Gems shields only)