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the Permian is now complete after the data corruption that happened with the dimension were being added after last update. we have yet again improved the water mobs swimming. new and old mobs can now deal poison effects such as euchambersuchus. finally we started putting in sounds effects and the dimension mention early can be traveled to in creative only  build a nether portal with the fossil block then use the named cystals in the tool page this will change  later on  and the temporal crystals are now found in the biomes wrapped from there times to your over would 


new animals included


      Estemmenosuchus  (semi aquatic)
        euchambersia (venomous)
        Galechirus (lizard)
        Gerobatrachus  (frog)
        Gnathorhiza (fish)
        Helicoprion  (shark)
          hovasaurus (semi aquatic lizard)
      Inostrancevia ( biggest gorgonopsid, can tame with wither skull)
      Jonkeria (avoid this synapsid)
      Lophorhinus (nocturnal)
      Lycaenops (tame with meat)
      Moschops the boi
      Pantylus  (no touch toxic)
      Peltobatrachus  (fully land amphibian)
        Platyhtstrix  (fully land amphibian)
      Prionosuchus  (amphibian mimic gharial) 
        Sarcoprion  (shark)
        Saurichthys (fish)
      scutosaurus (can ride and later equip armor)
        Secodontosaurus   (semi aquatic)
        zatrachys  (fully land amphibian)
    other new fauna


Agathis jurassica (wid and big)

Bjuvia tree 

Dicroidium (3 blocks tall)

Dorycordaites (3 blocks tall)

Ginkgo biloba (still has decedents found today and spawns in birch biomes)



Lepidopteriszamiinean cycads (also know as the carboard palm fern)

next update will be working will have all the current models we have some experimenting with gecko lib. full survival ability in the dimension and customs armors and something special birth defect giant cows and what will they be used for join the discord to find out