Environmental Tech

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Filename environmentaltech-1.12.X-2.0.3a.jar
Uploaded by ValkyrieofNight
Uploaded Sep 25, 2017
Game Version 1.12.2
Size 534.00 KB
Downloads 2,812
MD5 d6dc27e20686a61391c2b12f696352ea
Supported Java Versions
Java 9
Java 8
Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions


Version 2.0.3a
- Fixed some ores not mineing in void ore miner
- Re-balanced mining of tier crystals(REGEN ORE MINER LOOT TABLES!!!)
- Added Envionmental Materials Alabaster to void resource miners loot tables(REGEN RESOURCE MINERS LOOT TABLES!!!!)
Version 2.0.2d
- Fixed solar efficiency percentage not being used
- Changed defaults(DELETE main.cfg in config/environmentaltech/)
Version 2.0.2c
- Added 1.12 support back
- Fixed JEI titles for Void Resource Miner
Version 2.0.2b
- Fixed Defaults(DELETE json configs for Void Ore Miners)
Version 2.0.2a
- Added JEI support
- Fixed targeting for a few blocks(DELETE json configs for Void Miners)
- Fixed a few crash causing bugs related to Void Miner Jsons
- Properly disable recipes when modules are disabled
Version 2.0.1a
- Added Void Resource Miners
- Added Void Botanic Miners
- Added Speed Modifier
- Added Accuracy Modifier
- Added Piezo Modifier
- Added Void Miner laser beam rendering
- Changed Icon of ET Other tab to assembler
- Changed few textures from basalt to structure panel(Controllers, Solar Cells)
- Removed old unused json files and textures
Version 2.0.0e
- Fixed Colored Lenses
Version 2.0.0d
- Changed crystal mine rates in void miners. (DELETE Void Ore Miner json loot tables to update)
- Fixed Tier 5 and Tier 6 void ore miners not using proper loot tables
Version 2.0.0c
- Fixed colored laser lenses not working.
- Fixed crash when breaking lens once multiblock is formed.
- Fixed Instant Breaking of most blocks

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