Environmental Materials

7,296,211 Downloads Last Updated: Jun 24, 2021 Game Version: 1.16.5

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This is a companion mod to Environmental Tech however does not require Environmental Tech to use. Contains a large selection of basic building blocks.


How do I craft the blocks?

There is a crafting recipe for the base block and then you use Stonecutter to craft the varients of the blocks.


Blocks Added:

Alabaster In all 16 Colors: Blocks, Stairs, Slabs, Walls

Basalt: Blocks, Stairs, Slabs, Walls

Hardened Stone: Blocks, Stairs, Slabs, Walls

Granodiorite: Blocks, Stairs, Slabs, Walls

Marble: Blocks, Stairs, Slabs, Walls
Travertine: Blocks, Stairs, Slabs, Walls
Pumice: Blocks, Stairs, Slabs, Walls



Can I use this in my Modpack?
CurseForge modpacks: Go Ahead :)
Packs on external sites: Must acquire my permission and then link to this project page.


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