Entity Information

475 Downloads Last Updated: Sep 5, 2019 Game Version: 1.12.2

Displays entity information by using the Information Stick. It gives a mod developer an easy way of getting information on an entity, both from the vanilla game and other mods.

The Information Stick may be received by entering the command /informationstick or /ist

After hitting an entity with the stick, various useful information will be sent. It can be used for debugging or developing other mods.

Explanation of variables: (Entity entity = e.getEntity());
Name (1.12): entity.getName();
Name (1.13+): entity.getName().getString();
EntityName: entity.toString().split("\\[")[0];
EntityId: entity.getEntityId();
UUID: entity.getUniqueID();
Position: entity.getPosition().toString().replace("BlockPos{", "").replace("}", "");
isSilent: entity.isSilent();
ticksExisted: entity.ticksExisted;

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