Enhanced Mushrooms

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Filename Enhanced-Mushrooms-1.16.1-2.1.0.jar
Uploaded by Ep1c312
Uploaded Oct 19, 2020
Game Version 1.16.1
Size 356.04 KB
Downloads 9,033
MD5 641e5334005aa6ae6dda2604bfbc634d
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- Changed up some stem textures! Stem tops have a great new texture courtesy of Sheddmer, and stripped stems look a lot better with a new texture by me (Epic312).

- Mushroom blocks are now no longer renamed to mushroom caps. This will be moved to a resource pack in the future.

- Mushroom blocks can be stripped with an axe to get their inside texture on all sides! This should make building with that texture significantly less frustrating. If you don't like this feature you can disable it in the newly-added config.

- EM Glowshroom Caps no longer exist - glowshrooms will now grow the Quark block. This will help resolve possible mod compat issues although it will mean all glowshroom caps in your world will disappear (sorry about that).

- Removed nether fungus changes. These will be moved to a separate fungus-enhancing mod in the future.

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