Enhanced Inventories

971,153 Downloads Last Updated: Apr 5, 2017 Game Version: 1.7.10  

Update 7/4/2016:

I'm still around, life has been hectic delaying the update by quite a bit. That said 1.7.10-1.1.10 has just been released with may bug fixes for all. Additionally a mc1.10.x version is in the works but may be a bit as I work through the new model system.



This mod now requires: CoFHCore and YuutoLib


Players using this mod might also want to check out Inventory Tools


Frame Config Repository. Feel free to add configs for your favorite mods!


This mod as is aimed at adding a verity of inventories to the game.

Current additions:

  • Improved Chests, Lockers & Cabinets
    • Core material can be changed to any block type
    • configurable frame materials
    • Chest & Cabinets can have their tops colored with colored wool or stained clay respectively
    • Multi-Tiered inventories allowing for more storage in a single chest
    • Can be crafted alone in a crafting grid to get an alternate version of any chest that will only connect to other alternate chests
      • Craft the alternate version again to get a regular chest
    • Can be upgraded to act like a hopper
    • Can be upgraded to a trapped chest, emitting a signal when opened
    • Can be secured with a security upgrade
    • Can be reinforced to resist explosions
  • Chest Converters
    • Allows you to swap out placed vanilla chests
  • Worktable
    • A crafting table that can hold a small number of items
    • can be used to create schematics
    • Inspired by Redpower 2's Project Table by Eloraam
  • Auto Assembler
    • A crafting table that will pull from adjacent inventories
    • can use schemitics
    • Inspired by the Fabricator from the mythical XyCraft by Soaryn
  • Schematics
    • An item that can be used to record a recipe shape
    • can be used in the Work Table and Auto Assembler
  • Painter & Paint Brush
    • used to paint Improved Chests, Lockers, And Cabinets
    • Paint Brush can be used on already placed inventories using durability
    • Inventory cores can be painted with any block! (configurable)
  • Mod Support:
    • Refined Relocation support
      • Improved Chests & Lockers can be upgraded to a sorting chest variant when you have Refined Relocation installed

Recipes: (info coming soon)

Known Issues:

  • A crash or other odd behavior can occur when scanning a chest/locker with the Thaumometer with the Witching Gadgets mod installed when it's "Enable transmutations" config option is enabled. This is a known issue on their side and there is nothing I can do about this.


  • CopyGirl - code referenced from better storage double chests
  • Chickenbones - Deploader
  • CPW - code reference from iron chests
  • Doku/Dokucraft team for the base texture used for the improved chests
  • Team CoFH - CoFH Core





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