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Filename engineersdecor-1.12.2-1.0.18.jar
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Uploaded Jan 25, 2020
Game Version 1.12.2
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MD5 bdff0e85fcb6661cc77fff9eb438e3ac


  - v1.0.18     [R] Release based on v1.0.18-b2. Release-to-release changes:
                  * Tree cutter config fixes.
                  * Treated Wood Crafting Table mouse tweaks.
                  * Lang updates.
                [M] Lang update ru_ru (PR#77, thanks Smollet777).

  - v1.0.18-b2  [A] Added Treated Wood Crafting table tweaks (ctrl-shift moves all same stacks from the
                    inventory, mouse wheel over crafting slot increases/decreases crafting grid stacks).
                [F] EN Lang file fixed (issue #76, thx Riverstar907).
                [F] Fixed Tree Cutter not respecting power-required config (thx federsavo, issue #77).

  - v1.0.18-b1  [M] Lang ru_ru updated (Smollet777).

  - v1.0.17     [R] Release based on v1.0.17-b3. Release-to-release changes:
                    * Milking machine added.
                    * Reverse recipes for slab slices added.
                    * Texture and model improvements.
                    * Lang file updates.
                    * Minor bug fixes.
                    * Config options added.
                [M] Updated zh_cn lang file (scikirbypoke).
                [A] Added opt-out config for the Small Tree Cutter.

  - v1.0.17-b3  [F] Fixed Small Block Breaker facings to the horizontal range (issue #70, thx JimMiningWorm).

  - v1.0.17-b2  [A] Reverse recipes for slabs and slab slices added.
                [M] Inset Floor Edge Light slightly thinner, looks better.

  - v1.0.17-b1  [A] Added Milking Machine.
                [M] Window placement improved.
                [M] Made Pipe Valve textures slightly darker to fit IE pipes better when shaded.

  - v1.0.16     [R] Release based on v1.0.16-b3. Release-to-release changes:
                    * Added Gas Concrete blocks/walls/stairs/slabs/slab slices.
                    * Added Fluid Collection Funnel
                    * Crafting yield for Clinker/Slag bricks increased.
                    * Block Placer improvements (cocoa planting) and fixes.
                    * Block breaker compat improvements and fixes.
                    * Recipe compat auto detection fixes.
                    * Feature opt-out and tweak config options for mod packs improved.

  - v1.0.16-b3  [M] Increased slag brick recipe yield to 8.
                [A] Small Block Placer can plant Cocoa.
                [F] Fixed Small Block Placer seed detection issue (issue #64, thx Federsavo).
                [F] Fixed incorrectly enabled alternative recipes for fluid accumulator and check valve
                    when IE is installed.
                [M] Slightly nerfed the Small Solar Panel default peak power output (does not affect
                    existing configurations).

  - v1.0.16-b2  [A] Added Gas Concrete (including slab, wall, stairs, and slab slice).
                [A] Added explicit RF-power-required option for Small Block Breaker and Small Tree Cutter (issue #63).
                [M] Increased clinker brick recipe yield to 8 for the master builders needs.
                [F] Fixed item-on-ground display glitch (issue #61, thx Federsavo for the hint).
                [F] Fixed sign bounding boxes (issue #62, thx angela/themartin).

  - v1.0.16-b1  [A] Added Fluid Collection Funnel.
                [A] Added config opt-outs for Breaker, Placer, Fluid Funnel, Mineral Smelter.
                [A] Added configs tweaks for Small Block Breaker and Small Tree Cutter (cffr#185).
                [F] Fixed Block Placer discarding item metadata/variants while placing (issue #60).
                [F] Fixed Block Breaker duping empty shulker boxes, model updated.

  - v1.0.15     [R] Release based on v1.0.15-b2. Release-to-release changes:
                    * Added Small Block Breaker
                    * Small Tree Cutter fixes and compatability improved.
                    * Crafting table compat fixes.
                [M] Small Tree Cutter log detection bug fixed (issue #59).
                [M] Small Tree Cutter supports Menril chopping (issue #54).

  - v1.0.15-b2  [A] Added Small Block Breaker
                [M] Crafting Table: Allowing NBT "Damage" mismatch only
                    items that are declared damagable (issue #56).
                [M] Tree Cutter: Loosened the strict mod namespace
                    requirement for Dynamic Trees log detection (issue #52)
                    to enable checking DT compat mod log blocks.

  - v1.0.15-b1  [A] Added Floor Edge Light.
                [A] Added Factory Block Placer and Planter.

  - v1.0.14     [R] Release based on v1.0.14-b1. Release-to-release changes:
                    * Factory Hopper added.
                    * Small Waste Incinerator improved.
                    * Lang updates.
                    * Recipe fixes.

  - v1.0.14-b1  [A] Factory Hopper added (configurable hopper and item collector).
                [M] Small Waste Incinerator Fifo shifting improved.
                [M] Lang file zh_cn updated (scikirbypoke, PR#53).
                [F] Fixed conditional recipe constant for redstone pipe valve (thx @albert_ac).

  - v1.0.13     [R] Release based on v1.0.13-b2. Release-to-release changes:
                    * Small Tree Cutter device added.
                    * Small Solar Panel added.
                    * Steel Mesh Fence added.
                    * Broad Window Sill added.

  - v1.0.13-b2  [A] Added Steel Mesh Fence.
                [A] Added Broad Window Sill.
                [A] Small Tree Cutter can chop Dynamic Trees,
                    chops at tree trunk radius 7 or higher.

  - v1.0.13-b1  [A] Added Small Solar Panel.
                [A] Added Small Tree Cutter.

  - v1.0.12     [R] Release based on v1.0.12-b2. Release-to-release changes:
                    * Crafting table: Recipe collision resolver added. Items are
                      rendered on the table surface.
                    * Small Mineral Smelter released.
                    * Factory Dropper: Continuous dropping mode added.
                    * Block opacity fixes, window model fixes.
                    * Lang file updates.

  - v1.0.12-b2  [A] Crafting Table: Added recipe collision resolver,
                    also applies to crafting history refabrication.
                [A] Crafting Table: Added rendering of placed items
                    on the top surface of the table.
                [M] Lang files updated.

  - v1.0.12-b1  [A] Mineal Smelter non-experimental now.
                [M] Window submodels stripped (reopened issue #19, thx overchoice).
                [M] Opaque full block light opacity fixed (issue #50, thx Illomiurge).
                [M] Factory Dropper: Added pulse/continuous mode in GUI (issue #51,
                    thx Aristine for the CR).

  - v1.0.11     [R] Release based on v1.0.11-b3. Release-to-release changes:
                    * Steel floor grating improvments.
                    * Minor model box fixes.
                    * Standalone recipes added.
                    * Language updates.

  - v1.0.11-b3  [M] Added missing standalone recipes for pipe valves, passive
                    fluid accumulator, and waste incinerator.

  - v1.0.11-b2  [F] Fixed Floor Grating issue, which could have caused a crash.
                [M] Lang update ru-ru (Shellyoung, PR #47).

  - v1.0.11-b1  [M] Lang update ru-ru (Shellyoung, PR #45).
                [F] Fixed bounding box of the Steel Table.
                [M] Steel Floor Grating: Items fall through.

  - v1.0.10     [R] Release based on v1.0.10-b2. Release-to-release changes:
                    * Steel table added.
                    * Steel floor grating added.
                    * Treated wood side table added.
                    * Exit Sign added.
                    * Recipe fixes.

  - v1.0.10-b2  [A] Steel table added.
                [A] Steel floor grating added.

  - v1.0.10-b1  [A] Treated wood side table added.
                [F] Fixed recipe collision of Metal Rung Ladder (issue #37,
                    thx ProsperCraft for reporting).
                [A] Added Exit Sign (texture design by J. Carver).

  - v1.0.9      [R] Release based on v1.0.9-b3. Release-to-release changes:
                    * Slabs for clinker, concrete, slag bricks.
                    * Slab slices for sheet metals, treated wood, and concretes.
                    * Language updates.
                    * Block hardness adaptions.
                    * 1st/3rd person item model fixes.
                    * Furnace initialisation issue fixed.

  - v1.0.9-b3   [A] Added missing recipes for slabs.
                [A] Added slab slices for IE sheet metals, treated wood,
                    and concretes (stackable "quater-slabs").
                [M] Updated 1st/3rd person item model rotations/translations.
                [M] Hardness of valves and furni slightly increased.

  - v1.0.9-b2   [A] Added slabs for Clinker Brick, Slag Brick, Rebar Concrete,
                    and Stained Clinker. Texture variations like the base blocks.
                    Allow fast pick-up (see tooltip help or config).
                [F] Fixed lab/electrical furnace initialisation issue (first item
                    inserted was smelted directly).

  - v1.0.9-b1   [U] Lang file ru_ru updated (PR#31, yaroslav4167).
                [M] Block hardness adaptions (issue #32).

  - v1.0.8      [R] Release based on v1.0.8-b2. Release-to-release changes:
                    * Added factory area sign.
                    * Added stained clinker.
                    * Config opt-out fixes, detailed feature selection possible now.
                    * Recipe adaptions and fixes.
                    * Lang files updated.
                [A] Added stained clinker brick block/stairs. Can be mixed with
                    "normal" clinkers.
                [A] Added opt-out option for CTRL-SHIFT tooltips.
                [M] Recipe condition requirements updated, recipes categorized.

  - v1.0.8-b2   [F] Config opt-out fixed (thx IronPiston for the report #30).
                [A] Added opt-out config for detailed including/excluding
                    of features (using registry name wildcard matching).

  - v1.0.8-b1   [A] Added "Factory area" sign.
                [M] Electrical furnace recipe changed (hoppers to conveyors).
                [A] Opt-out config options added.
                [F] Lang file fixes for en_us (Angela, PR#29).

  - v1.0.7      [R] Release based on v1.0.7-b2. Release-to-release changes:
                    * Factory dropper added.
                    * Defense system warning sign added.
                    * Warning sign backgrounds adapted.
                    * Standalone recipes added.
                    * Lang files updated.
                [A] Added standalone recipes for signs, factory dropper, and
                    electrical furnace.
                [M] Adapted "Caution" sign backgrounds to the yellow defense
                    system warning background.

  - v1.0.7-b2   [A] Added Defense System Warning sign (design by J. Carver).
                [M] Factory dropper non-experimental now. GUI click area tuning.
                    "Fast drop" symbol replaced from arrow to dog icon (thx
                    overchoice for that icon).
                [M] Lang files updated.

  - v1.0.7-b1   [M] Factory dropper (config:experimental) button placement fixed,
                    GUI vs external view x/y markers added, internal trigger logic
                    simplified. Thx @overchoice for beta testing!

  - v1.0.6      [R] Release based on v1.0.6-b1. Release-to-release changes:
                    * Fixed FML remapping issue (COULD CAUSE CRASHES).
                    * Small waste incinerator added.
                    * Lang files updated/corrections.
                    * Metal ladder easier to break.
                [A] Added factory dropper (config:experimental).
                [C] Thx to abdurraslan for the detailed issue #25.

  - v1.0.6-b1   [A] Added small waste incinerator (delayed fifo-buffered item disposal).
                [M] Fixed item/block name capitalization (by Voxelo).
                [M] Metal ladders are easier to break/harvest.
                [F] Fixed FML remapping issue by using dedicated IItemHandler instances.

  - v1.0.5      [R] Release based on v1.0.5-b1. Release-to-release changes:
                    * Small electrical passthrough-furnace added.
                    * Passive fluid accumulator added.
                    * Config options added.
                    * Sign plates added.
                    * Minor bug fixes.
                [A] Added sign "Electrical hazard"/"Caution hot wire".
                [A] Added sign "Caution dangerous there" (skull/bones).

  - v1.0.5-b1   [A] Added passive fluid accumulator.
                [A] Added small electrical passthrough-furnace.
                [F] Fixed version check URL.
                [M] Opt-out config options for valves, passive fluid accumulator,
                    and furni.

  - v1.0.4      [R] Release based on v1.0.4-b9. Release-to-release changes:
                    * Crafting table: Quick crafting history re-fab, JEI integration.
                    * Rendering improvements and issue fixes (stairs, ambient occlusion,
                      optifine, etc).
                    * Walls with texture variations.
                    * Thin/thick steel poles with support feet/heads.
                    * Horizontal steel double-T support beams added.
                    * Fluid pipe valves added: Check valve, redstone controlled valve,
                      analog redstone controlled valve. Support pressurized transfer.
                    * Tool tip documentation (CTRL-SHIFT) for stairs added.
                    * Internal code cleanups.
                    * Recipes tuned.
                [E] Added pass-through electrical furnace (experimental, see config).

  - v1.0.4-b9   [F] Inserting fluids with pressurized tag only into IE piping.
                [F] Valve redstone connector rendering does not check for
                    "can connect redstone" but only for "can provide power".
                [M] Valves are adapted to be detected as pipe by IE.

  - v1.0.4-b8   [F] Fixed stairs rendering without smooth light (thanks rastot9).
                [E] Added passive fluid accumulator (experimental feature, see config).

  - v1.0.4-b7   [F] Fixed recipe loading issue if IE is not installed.
                [M] Valves support IE pressurized fluid transfer.

  - v1.0.4-b6   [A] Added redstone controlled fluid valve.
                [A] Added redstone controlled analog fluid valve.
                [M] Check valve recipe adapted (thanks majijn).

  - v1.0.4-b5   [A] Horizontal steel double-T support beam with pole connections.
                [A] Added fluid pipe check valve (straight, conducts only one way).
                [M] Internal registration block/te handling changed.

  - v1.0.4-b4   [F] Clinker/slag brick wall side cullfacing disabled to prevent
                    texture leaks when connecting to concrete walls.
                [F] Unused treated wood pole texture regions filled (optifine).
                [F] Using mipped cutout format for window multi-layer model
                    (issue #19, thanks rixmswey for reporting and details).
                [M] Recipe tuning, added standalone recipe for all mod blocks.
                [M] In-game CTRL-SHIFT tooltip documentation updated.
                [M] Panzer glass block: Ambient occlusion and light opacity tuned.
                [M] Stairs: Light opacity tuned.
                [A] Tooltip documentation added for mod stairs.
                [E] Horizontal steel double-T support beam (config:experimental).

  - v1.0.4-b3   [A] Added thin (4x4x16) and thick (6x6x16) steel hollow poles.
                [A] Added support head/foot components for thin and thick steel poles.

  - v1.0.4-b2   [A] Added position dependent texture variation to clinker wall,
                    slag brick wall and rebar concrete wall.

  - v1.0.4-b1   [A] Crafting table: JEI integration for recipe placement added.
                [A] Crafting table: History re-fab added, allowing to quickly select
                    and re-craft recent recipes. Selection with arrow buttons,
                    ingredient placement by clicking the result slot. Automatic
                    item distribution on shift-click. Quick-move buttons.
                [F] Crafting table textures modified to prevent optifine glitches
                    on the edges of the legs.

  - v1.0.3      [R] Release based on v1.0.3-b5. Release-to-release changes:
                    * Small laboratory furnace added.
                    * Extensive config options for mod packing and tuning added.
                    * Rendering issues fixes (window bleeding, optifine).
                    * Steel framed window added.
                    * Treated wood pole "end pieces" added (two support variants).
                    * Sitting on treated wood stool added including mobs (but not
                      villagers, as these are obviously very upright people).
                    * Lang ru_ru added (github contribution from Yaroslavik).
                    * Creative tab logo changed to mod logo.
                    * Table/crafting table bounding boxes refined.
                    * Standalone "escape" recipes added if IE is not installed.

  - v1.0.3-b5   [F] Fixed typo in en-en lang file.
                [F] Fixed IE concrete texture missing bailout in log if IE is not installed.
                [F] Using forge multi-layer models for windows to circumvent glitches.
                [M] Changed creative tab logo to the mod logo.
                [A] Added alternative recipes for crafting table and furnace if main
                    IE ingredients are missing (for "stand-alone" mod usage).

  - v1.0.3-b4   [A] Lab furnace supports electrical speedup when a IE external
                    is placed in one of the two auxiliary slots.
                [F] Fixed window rendering issue (issue #15, thanks to ILLOMIURGE).
                [M] Updated ru_ru lang file (Yaroslavik).

  - v1.0.3-b3   [A] Added sitting on treated wood stool, Zombies included.
                [A] Added steel framed window.
                [A] Added treated wood pole support head/foot and heavy duty support.
                [A] Added language Russian language support, thanks to yaroslav4167.
                [A] Added config for furnace smelting speed (percent of vanilla furnace).
                [A] Added config for furnace fuel efficiency (in percent, ref is vanilla).
                [F] Treated pole model changed to circumvent potential texture bleeding.
                [M] Treated wood table bounding box aligned with the legs.
                [M] Treated wood crafting table bounding box aligned with the legs.
                [M] Treated wood window can be vertically placed for rooflights.

  - v1.0.3-b2   [A] Added config options for selective feature opt-outs (soft opt-out).
                [A] Added config skip registration of opt-out features (hard opt-out).
                [A] Added config to disable all internal recipes (for packs).
                [A] Added JEI API adapter for soft opt-outs.
                [A] Added lab furnace recipe override config to smelt ores to nuggets
                   that would normally be smelted into ingots. Can be changed on-the-fly.

  - v1.0.3-b1   [A] Added small laboratory furnace.
                [M] Panzer glass opacity/light level set explicitly 0.

  - v1.0.2      [R] Release based on v1.0.2-b3
                    * Fixes: Spawning.
                    * Crafting table: Shift-click.
                    * Ladders: Faster climbing/descending.
                    * Concrete: Rebar tiles, tile stairs.
                    * Treated wood: window, windowsill.
                    * Slag brick: wall.
                    * Panzer glass: added.
                    * Recipes: Adaptions, added decompositions.

  - v1.0.2-b3   [A] Added slag brick wall.
                [A] Added wall decomposition recipes.
                [A] Added treated wood window.
                [M] Climbing/descending mod ladders is faster when
                    looking up or down and not sneaking.
                [M] Panzer glass material definition changed.
                [M] Explicitly preventing spawning in and on "non-full"
                    blocks of the mod.

  - v1.0.2-b2   [A] Added rebar concrete tile stairs.
                [A] Added treated wood window sill.
                [A] Added decomposition recipes for stairs and tiles.
                [M] Changed stair recipe yield quantity from 9 to 6.

  - v1.0.2-b1   [A] Added rebar concrete tile.
                [A] Added panzer glass (explosion-resistant reinforced glass).
                [M] Treated wood crafting table supports shift-click to transfer
                    stacks between player inventory and crafting table storage
                    (thanks majijn for the hint).

  - v1.0.1      [R] Release based on v1.0.1-b4
                    * Treated wood crafting table
                    * Clinker brick wall
                    * Treated wood stool
                    * Inset spot light
                    * Recipe fixes
                    * Logo updated

  - v1.0.1-b4   [M] Crafting table keeps inventory and has eight storage slots.
                [M] Adapted inset light strength and harvest tool.
                [M] Crafting table recipe adapted.

  - v1.0.1-b3   [A] Added inset light (glowstone-metal, light level like torch,
                    can be used as floor/ceiling/wall light).
                [M] Crafting table model updated (issue #7, thanks majijn).
                [M] Logo image updated.

  - v1.0.1-b2   [A] Added treated wood crafting table.
                [A] Added treated wood stool.
                [F] Fixed ladder bounding boxes to allow climbing connected trap doors
                    (issue #6, thanks to Forgilageord).
                [M] Improved wall-block connections (wall elements only connect to other
                    walls or gates, as well as to solid blocks if these blocks are in
                    a straight line with at least two wall elements).
                [M] Decor walls are defined "solid" on top, so that e.g. torches and
                    redstone tracks can be placed on them.

  - v1.0.1-b1   [F] Fixed missing condition for ie:stone_deco in recipe constants.
                [A] Added clinker brick wall.

  - v1.0.0      [R] Release based on v1.0.0-b4

  - v1.0.0-b4   [F] Fixed vanished recipe for the rebar concrete wall.
                [A] Concrete wall, material: IE concrete.

  - v1.0.0-b3   [A] Textures of rebar concrete and treated wood table improved.
                [A] Added rebar concrete wall.

  - v1.0.0-b2   [A] Added rebar concrete (steel reinforced, expensive, creeper-proof).

  - v1.0.0-b1   [A] Initial structure.
                [A] Added clinker bricks and clinker brick stairs.
                [A] Added slag bricks and slag brick stairs.
                [A] Added metal rung ladder.
                [A] Added staggered metal steps ladder.
                [A] Added treated wood ladder.
                [A] Added treated wood pole.
                [A] Added treated wood table.

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