Engender - The Age of Minecraft

167,876 Downloads Last Updated: Dec 25, 2019 Game Version: 1.11.2


Call forth your army and take on the dangers that your world poses!  Craft up your fusion parts, gather Mana and Entropy with your crystals, and forge your army from the ground up.  You get to decide how the battle from here on out throw down!

Official Wiki Page
Official Forum For Engender

Want to ask us questions or hangout with us?  Head to our Discord!
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Thank you all for your support and have fun!

Umbrella_Ghast (Enderman_Of_D00M) - Main Developer
Mrbt0907 - Co-Developer

Mink - Patreon
Keny - Patreon
BeckBroJack - Patreon

brandon3055 - Draconic Evolution Addon Permission
Michael18751 - Witherstorm Tweaks
Shinoow - AbyssalCraft Addon Permission and Coding
TheOmegaROC - Advice and Testing
Xwan - Textures, Guis, and Ideas
Yarrmateys - Cute Mob Models For Mob Girls

Snapshot Testers


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