Enforce Gamemode

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Enforce Gamemode

Enables server owners to enforce your players' game mode using permissions.

This mod is server-side only and won't be active in LAN worlds or on clients.

Current versions:

  • 1.18.1: 0.1


The mod is licensed under the MIT License


The order the mod checks for the applicable game mode is from top to bottom. That means if a player has both enforcegamemode.force.survival and enforcegamemode.force.creative set they'll be put into survival mode.

  • enforcegamemode.bypass: Bypass forced game mode changes
  • enforcegamemode.force.survival: Enforce game mode survival (id 0)
  • enforcegamemode.force.creative: Enforce game mode creative (id 1)
  • enforcegamemode.force.adventure: Enforce game mode adventure (id 2)
  • enforcegamemode.force.spectator: Enforce game mode spectator (id 3)

You can also set dimension specific game mode enforcements by adding .namespace:dimension to the permissions. These get checked first, so they'll overwrite global game mode permissions.

Example: if you wanted to enforce adventure mode in the end the syntax would be: enforcegamemode.force.adventure.minecraft:the_end


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