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Energized Power

All the blocks and items of this mod



  • Powered Lamp
  • Powered Furnace
  • Advanced Powered Furnace (3 input/ouput slot pairs)
  • Auto Crafter (Can handle recipe conflicts, that is recipes with the same inputs)
  • Crusher
  • Pulverizer
  • Sawmill
  • Compressor
  • Plant Growth Chamber
  • Block Placer (Supports placing blocks below and above it; The rotation of the placed block depends on the rotation of the block placer)
  • Fluid Filler
  • Fluid Drainer
  • Charger
  • Advanced Charger (3 slots)
  • Uncharger
  • Advanced Uncharger (3 slots)
  • Minecart Charger
  • Advanced Minecart Charger
  • Minecart Uncharger
  • Advanced Minecart Uncharger
  • Charging Station
  • Energizer
  • Coal Engine
  • Heat Generator
  • Thermal Generator
  • Lightning Generator
  • Solar Panels (5 Tiers)
  • Transformers (Can be used to connect different tiers of cables):
    • 3 tiers: MV, HV, and EHV
    • 3 types (for each tier): 1 to n, 3 to 3, and n to 1
  • Battery Box
  • Advanced Battery Box
  • Weather Controller
  • Time Controller

Every machine supports auto-insert and auto-extract of items from all block faces.

Energy transportation

  • Cables (5 Tiers: Copper, Gold, Energized Copper, Energized Gold, and Energized Crystal Matrix)
  • Minecart with Battery Box
  • Minecart with Advanced Battery Box

Energy Items

  • Energy Analyzer (Can be used to debug energy blocks)
  • Fluid Analyzer (Can be used to debug blocks which contain fluids)
  • Batteries (8 Tiers)
  • Inventory Coal Engine
  • Inventory Charger

Fluid transportation

  • Fluid Pipe

Item transportation

  • Item Conveyor Belt
  • Item Conveyor Belt Loader
  • Item Conveyor Belt Sorter
  • Item Conveyor Belt Switch
  • Item Conveyor Belt Splitter
  • Item Conveyor Belt Merger


  • JEI (Forge and NeoForge editions only), EMI, and REI support
  • Curios API (Forge and NeoForge editions only)

World generation

  • Electrician villager
  • Electrician villager house (Can be found in every vanilla village)
  • Factory building (Can be found in Forest and Flower Forest biomes)
  • Small solar farm (Can be found in Desert, Badlands, and Savanna biomes)

Guide book

  • The Energized Power Book contains information for all the blocks and items of this mod


  • Configurations are located in the config/energizedpower directory:
    • client.conf: Contains config values which are only used for the client
    • server.conf: Contains config values which are only used for the server (Currently none)
    • common.conf: Contains config values which are used for both the client and the server
    • IMPORTANT: Values from the common.conf are not synced from the server to the client! You must provide players of the server the common.conf file.


  • English
  • German
  • Chinese (Simplified)
  • Italian


The fabric edition of this mod requires the Fabric API.

Feel free to include this mod in your ModPack :-)


Invite Link: https://discord.gg/sAKDNAU7yH


A tutorial world showcasing all the features of this mod can be downloaded on CurseForge: Energized Power [Tutorial World].