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The End of Herobrine

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Ever wondered what a lore-accurate Herobrine would be like?

 đź“„ About:

    Unlike other Herobrine mods, you don’t have to spend hours gathering resources to build a totem for him to start haunting you. He's already in your world before you join it, and only your actions will determine how hostile he becomes.

⚙️ Features:

  • Herobrine Variants

    Herobrine's behavior has been divided into the following variants:

  • Lurker

    Actively stalks players, occasionally finding new positions to observe them.

  • Builder

    Places structures (letters of his name, traps, and signs).

    ...and 4 more in development!


  • Possessed Mobs

    During gameplay, you will encounter mobs gifted with a fraction of Herobrine's power. Watch out!

  • Possessed Animals
        Each has unique abilities and won't attack unless provoked. Consider carefully what you will do around them.
  • Possessed Monsters
        Each may have higher health, armor, attack damage, attack range, or debuff duration. Prepare for a fight or run away while you still can!


  • Enchantment

    Having trouble fighting the possessed mobs? Enchant your weapons!

  • Notch’s Blessing

    Deals extra damage to all creatures, especially the possessed ones.

    Prevents Herobrine's wrath from rising after each kill.


  • Totems

    The totems are the key to weakening Herobrine and making him viable to fight.

WARNING: The current boss fights are just placeholders, they are not final in any way.

  • Netherrack Totem


Weakens Herobrine and lures him into battle.

  • Blackstone Totem


Makes Herobrine mortal and forces him to fight to the death.

Right-click while holding a wither star to activate It


  • Paintings

    Want to build a spooky gallery? Be my guest!


Cry(4×4); Fight(2x4); Netherrack(1x2); Blackstone(1x2); Altar(2×2); Lurker(1×2); Empty(1x2);


  • Recipes
  • Cursed Head

  • Netherrack Totem Block

  • Blackstone Totem Block


🏅Special Thanks:

Possessed Villager Textures based on: TheBartman's - Uncrossed Villager Arms (Jappa).