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The previous update was a very long time ago. Since then, many new versions of minecraft, new mods have been released. Before, I frantically chased after new versions. But that makes no sense. While people are writing mod, the next version of the game is already coming out and so on ad infinitum... I must be just tired of worrying about this, and now I am counting not on a trend, but on quality and originality...

And now I am ready to present you an update that few have been waiting for, but have been looking forward to. And by tradition, I'll start with images.




Great, right? But this is only a part!

First of all, I want to inform you that the mod has been rewritten from scratch. This allowed us to create a more perfect code architecture, and to free our hands, to realize new opportunities.


And now for the news!

To begin with, the portals system has now completely changed compared to the previous version. Now portals not only fit into the theme of minecraft, but literally become part of it.
Portals now look something like the gates to the outer End! I think it's great ...
(Glass blocks are for example, "hats" can be any)


Secondly, the trees added by this mod have changed a lot.


Dragon tree

  • First meets a traveler who came into The End. Dragon trees grow on the side slopes of the central island. This tree is closely related to the power of the dragon, and need it to sustain life.
  • Phantom tree
  • Occasionally found in the outer islands. It is easy to affect the perception of surrounding sentient beings, disappearing at srubanii. The foliage of the tree is an important component of amnesia potion.
  • Immortal tree
  • Amazing representatives of the plant world. Possess intelligence and extraordinary tenacity. They do not like to be disturbed. There are small on the outer islands.
  • Natural tree
  • Tree, whose history is closely intertwined with The End. It is the ancestor of all the trees in the region. It will not attack or defend themselves ... but this tree - the only still remembers Eternity. It is nothing and never forgets.


It's all? I do not think.
With our mod you do not get bored because you have to go for resources .. with an axe! That's right, the wood can be burned into coal and from coal it is possible to melt different steel. You can make many interesting things out of steel.
However, particularly deforestation in The End does not get carried away, because the trees living there, it's not just the oaks and birch... Some of them are intelligent and extremely dangerous! You do not want to become a public enemy, huh?

Well, now it's all !? Actually, no.
From coal you can make not only steel, but even special diamonds! :naughtyornice::naughtyornice: They are incredibly difficult to handle, and all that will create - a set of tools, but it's worth it, believe me. To create a diamond you need to subdue the force of the explosion! How? This can be seen in a completely new guide book!

She was also rewritten from scratch, and it can not be compared with the previous version. In the book you will find information on the construction of portals, about item and crafting recipes. And it still is not all the information is available, and you have to explore The End for well to get the most comprehensive, most informative book. Yes, it will show for each player his own. (Though the last two possibilities still in development)


Besides all been saved and improved by almost the entire content of a previous version of mod, for example Ender ArrowPurple Pearl, and other…

Information about all things you can also find in the Ender's Book.

More certainly Ender Ore. From it can be smelt Enderite and related things, and one more thing…Oh yeah, I forgot to warn that in The End growing Curse Bush, and I do not advise to contact with him. Very harmful and cunning creature.


“That's all!” - you say. And you will be wrong again)


Because update has brought a lot of decorations, and other units.For example, new versions of ender soil, because one end stone everywhere - it's not too impressive.Unfortunately, at this time, these variants of soil are not generate, because it is not added to the associated biomes, but it is only a matter of time.

Mod now have a story... But she is not fit here :P Though you can also read it over time...



But let's get back to the present. It is no secret that we are planning a lot. A short list:

  • Two new dimensions (the upper End, the lower End)
  • New biomes for each dimension
  • New plants
  • New portals
  • New monsters and NPC
  • New mechanics
  • Buffs for tools, weapons and armor
  • New original bosses and mini-bosses
  • And more other


For developers

Oh yes, I forgot about the api! Now you can not only play with this mod, but even improve it. For example, to register their own types of plants, end stone.
The Ender's Book was also in api integrated, and now any addon maker will be able to add something to it!



I would never have to release this update, if not help co-developers.
I did not prepare a speech for this case, so...
Many thanks to all of you @hohserg@Liahim@Зарак@FTB_lag!
I am very proud that I was lucky to work in such a team!


Old Images:


Building portals in old versions (before 1.4b)

Static Teleport:

Static teleport easy to create, but it teleports only one way, to the Bone Block, with which portal is connected. To control it, you need water.

To create a static teleport you will need:

  • Stone bricks x4
  • Cobblestone wall x4
  • Redstone block x1
  • Stone button x1
  • Static teleport (block) x1
  • Static generator (block) x1
  • Bone block x1
  • Static portal activator (item) x1
  • Water bucket x1-4

Teleport building:

Teleport activate:

  1. When you built the portal, you should charge the Static Generator. Use on it buckets with water.
  2. Place the Bone Block rough side up where you want to teleport.
  3. Use Static Portal Activator on the Bone Block.
  4. Then use it on Static Teleport.
  5. Go to the portal and press the button.
  6. Important: For teleportation, the Bone Block should stand upright

One teleport spends 1 generator charge!

Dark Teleport:

To create a dark portal, you need more resources, but two dark portals can be linked. One teleport moves creatures to another same teleport. To control it, you need lava.

To create a dark teleport you will need:

  • Stone bricks x4
  • Cobblestone wall x4
  • Redstone block x1
  • Stone button x1
  • Dark teleport (block) x1
  • Dark generator (block) x1
  • Dark portal activator (item) x1
  • Lava bucket x1-4

Teleport building:

A dark teleport is similar to a static teleport, but differs in two blocks.

Teleport activate:

  1. When you built the portal, you should charge the Dark Generator. Use on it buckets with lava.
  2. Build the same portal elsewhere.
  3. Use Dark Portal Activator on the Dark Teleport block.
  4. Then use it on other Dark Teleport block.
  5. Go to the last portal and press the button.
  6. You can repeat these steps in reverse order to activate the second portal.
  7. Important: For teleportation, only the portal at the point of departure is needed, only the block is needed at the output.

One teleport spends 1 generator charge from the portal through which you entered!

Portal Deactivator:

To disable portals, you need to use Portal Deactivator on the Teleport block.



Installing the mod:

  1. 1. Make sure Forge is installed
  2. 2. Put the jar in your mods folder
  3. 3. Put the CodeChickenLib jar in your mods folder
  4. 4. Run the game!



I want Ender's Magic in my mod pack!

Ender's Magic, being under the GNU GPL v3 License, is frequently used in modpacks. Feel free to redistribute it! My only request is to provide a link to either this thread.

I apologize for possible errors in the text. English is not my native language.


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