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LieOnLion's Enderite

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Thank You all for the Crazy 29k downloads
Enderite hit on It's 1st Year Anniversary

Enderite is a mod that adds a new ore that generates in The End!
Enderite Ore can be found between y10 and y20 below The End Islands.
The best way to get Enderite if flying with Elytra under The End Islands.
There is only an average of 1-2 veins per chunk and only 1-3 ores per vein.
Enderite Ore/Block can only be mined with a Netherite or Enderite pickaxe.
You require to apply Enderite to Netherite Tools and Armor in a Smithing Table.

1.2+ Added Obsidian Infused Enderite that you can apply to your
Enderite Tools (no armor) and give them one last upgrade

1.8 (0.8.beta) Added
Enderite Plated Elytra, with 216 durability (making 648) more than normal Elytra.
Giving the player 3 Armour points, or 1 and ½ armour bars.

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