Ender Tendril



This mod add a seed which can be found rarely in some loot chests throughout the world. When planted on the bottom of a block, it will grow downward, occasionally producing a flowering tendril which will produce an tendril pearl. The tendril pearl can be used in place of ender pearls for most mod recipes (wherever the "forge:ender_pearls" tag is used).


The goal of this mod is to help with early- to mid-game progression, since some mods require a lot of ender pearls.


How Tendrils Grow


Tendrils grow very slowly! Give it a few hours at least. And no, bonemeal will not work.


Tendrils can only be planted on the bottom of a block. They will grow down as long as room is available. Flowering tendrils will appear every four blocks. Flowers will eventually produce a tendril pearl.


Tendril pearls can only be harvested by breaking the tendril, which will break every block of the tendril at once. Breaking any block (top, bottom, middle, etc) will trigger all of them to break. Each mature flower yields one tendril pearl and has a small chance of giving an extra seed. The bottom block of the tendril will always drop one seed.