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Filename EnderIO-1.12.2-5.3.67.jar
Uploaded by tterrag1098
Uploaded May 24, 2021
Game Version 1.12.2   +1
Size 8.53 MB
Downloads 4,515
MD5 25fc78ba4e185da59ac49c2fe5ce14f7
Supported Java Versions
Java 8
Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions


You need either the main file or a selection of the "split" jars, not both!


XP Obelisk should now work
Redstone Conduits and Filter should work better
Mekanism Gas Conduits are still a separate addon mod but are maintained with the main code
OC conduits should now disconnect better
Holy Fog now properly gets washed away by rain
Inventory Panel can now be colored (shift-click with dye)
Inventory Panel should no longer void stuff in your hand
Ender IO now has a grave functionality


Details (technical):
Upgraded XP storage to long, fixed XP math for high values
Reworked machine recipes for multi-input machines
Increment minor for those massive changes in recipe and filter code
Reworked Redstone Conduits and Filters
Started rework on machine recipe registry
Integrated Mekanism Gas Conduits into EIO
Fixed recipe zip only containing combjar recipes (we're only publishing one zip...)
Fixed Inventory Chest Capacitor Keys
Made Endergy 18% more overpowered
Expanded config range for tool level
Fixed Alloy Smelter Recipe De-Duping
Re-worked Holy Fog
Added more protection against other mods doing stupid things. Waiting for the universe to produce stupider mods in 3...2...
Added data gen for color icons (see ec)
Reformatted recipes.xsd for human readability
Fixed new glasses not being properly hidden in splitjar installation
Refresh conduit connections after OC node (dis)connect
Added invalidate logic to OC conduit
Fixed Holy Fog not getting rain notifications
Fixed warehouse recipes not being tagged as upgrades
Same for invpanel remote
Added invpanel coloring recipes
Fixed InvPanel overwriting target slot on extraction
Fixed Existing Item Filter GUI overlay mouse bounds
Added GUI overlays to JEI exclusion area
Tweaked InvPanel interaction with oversized and buggy inventories
Added workaround for code that should handle corrupted worlds gracefully causing a crash
Added exclusion for wireless charging (Creative CapBank)
Recovered code lost in 2016
Started death pouch/grave
Added config command for dedicated servers
Added Baubles support to inventory charger


Changelog (this build) / Changelog (all builds)



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EnderIO-1.12.2-5.3.67-recipes.zip 130.68 KB May 24, 2021

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