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End Lore

IMPORTANT if You want to run this mod u need to instal GeckoLib link to mod page:

I highly recommend using JEI mod

this mod is created by me and My Friend Norifek also polacq help
My modification implementing a new end located on the surface
 actualy rebuild all minecraft mechanic to give new fresh experiance now to mine u need to use drills and it have charge machanic so u don't need to craft pickaxes and adds a dozen mobs, a lot of anilmals , items, armor, procedures, several bosses and food



tutorial: warning bad english


The mod adds a new token mechanic, which allows players to be rewarded for killing mobs. With coupons, you can buy ores and items when the settler has a bankBlock profession.

I added the limbo dimension, you have 0.2% to enter the dimension after death experimental


so don't be afraid that it's over


I won't explain the rules because I might spoil the fun, play as you want 
there are a lot of things you have to guess


Join my Discord group u can add your ideas here


Mod will be updated once a month or even faster 
also available on mcreator:

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donate me on