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Update on the future of my mods (sorry) -> https://twitter.com/joshiejack/status/1590487547289178112

TLDR: Can't find time anymore even though I would have loved to have finished my projects

Anyone is free to take over my mods if they so desire


Enchiridion v3:

 This version is for MC1.8.9 and 1.9.0. Based on feedback it sees the removal of the unused pedia and focuses entirely on the book aspects. The Library has been turned in to something similiar to the book binder except the books are tied to the player instead of an item. It offers up to 65 books of storage, which you will need to own instead of getting for free. The editor has been redesigned and improved upon with jump features being replaced with a full button editor. Allowing for editing of the hover/unhover as well as the action they perform, which now includes opening webpages. The layers are now repositioned by dragging and can be locked or made invisible.
  The editor also comes with a timeline where you can move, or add new pages. There is also a grid to allow positioning of items, you can also ctrl click to move multiple items as well as copy and paste features between pages and books. Items and recipes have the option to hide or show tooltips per item, it's easier to change the background of books and the icon. Deleting pages is also much easier now. Enchiridion also comes with a default book to help explain some features to help you get started with the editor. There is a config option to sync books between servers and client, however this is off by default and needs to be enabled both sides.
As of Enchiridion 3.1.0+ you can now create and save templates, I would like to encourage you to share any templates on the curseforge guidebooks section, as well as any full books you may have created about specific mods. Link's here

Book Editor 

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Note the library texture is WIP, and hopefully should be improved further on


Enchiridion v2:

Note for users of Enchiridion. This is not an 'update' as such. You will still need Enchiridion 1 for things that need it. Namely Mariculture. This is a new mod almost entirely. 
This is no longer the case with 2.0.1+


Enchiridion 2 is a sequel but not a replacement for Enchiridion. Which was my custom books mod that Mariculture currently relies on to add it's books. The problem with Enchiridion one is that it's books were difficult to edit, and time consuming considering they were formatted with XML. Enchiridion 2 comes complete with an IGE for the books this time around, making making books so much easier. Enchiridion 2 isn't just about the books though. It has a Minecraftopedia, which is entirely based on the Civilopedia from Civilization 5. I will be using that to document my mods in the future ingame. Since it's easier to navigate rather than having to skip through a bunch of pages individually. As well as the book, and pedia editor. Enchiridion has a library page. This prefills itself with informational books from various different mods. You can just click on them from this page without having to carry anything around with you. Taking up no slots! The pedia comes prefilled with some articles about how to use the editor and how to make custom books. So make sure you read to them. To open up the pedia, the default key in game is H (for help).



Custom Book Editing

 Enchiridion v1:

What is Enchiridion?

This is a mod that started off as part of Mariculture, allowing for loading of custom books from zip files in the configs, handy for modpack creators or people who just want to let people know what's going on, with a mod. It has been split from Mariculture.

Do you have plans, or is this it?

There are various things I have planned for this mod, mostly book and guide related, it will just take some time for it go ahead.


Yes the api has been designed to be standalone, and can be used to assist with creating books for yourself.

What else other than Custom Books? (v1.1 +)

Enchiridion also has the book binder. This is an item, that can store up to 21 mod books, handy for all those guides that you get, portable, and light! The recipe is simply, 2 string and 2 paper. String on left, paper on right, can be crafted in your handy dandy 2x2 player crafting. All you need to do to use is, is right click to open it's interface and place the mod guides inside, you can then right click them from this interface to open them up!

Book Binder