Jabelar's Truly Magical Enchantment Glints

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Enchantment Glints!

 I've seen a lot of people ask for this, so I'm finally delivering! This mod allows you to individually customize the colors (and texture) of all the vanilla enchantments. You can also set the color used for any enchantments added by other mods, although all will get same color (in the future I hope to add the ability to allow that to be individually customized as well). You also have a choice between the default texture and one that has "runes" in the enchanting font (which is technically the Standard Galactic font)

The color change should work everywhere there is enchantment glint, such as in your inventory, when they are entity items on the ground, and when you or others are equipped with them. (If you find somewhere they're not please file an issue.)





You can change the colors and some other settings like whether to use the vanilla texture by going into the mod options menu (from launcher or by pressing Escape during game play).

The options should be self-explanatory. If you pick a category you get the options sub-menu where you can change colors if desired:

Colors need to be entered using hexadecimal RGB format which you can get from most "color picker" tools such as this web-based color picker or from a photo editing program like Photoshop.

The options GUI will show you a preview of the colors, and there are standard buttons for undo and resetting everything to default.



Can I include this in my mod pack? Of course!

Can this run client-only, or with a vanilla server? Yes

have an issue / bug / crash / report / request, where can I send it? The associated Github issues page.


Known Issues

Some mods intercept the rendering in ways that compete with mine. If you find such a mod (where things don't render correctly) let me know and I can investigate.

Mods that use "TESR" or other custom model rendering scheme won't be able to change the enchantment glint (they will show as default Minecraft style). I'll continue working to see if there is way for me to fix that.


Planned Future Features

The amount of further work I put into this depends on how much people use/like it. So please give comments on what you like or don't like about it. Here is my current "to-do" list:

  • Port to other versions.
  • llow glints to be disabled altogether.
  • Currently multiple enchantments are just a single color (based on a somewhat arbitrary precedence); in the future I'd like them to cycle.
  • Currently all other mod's enchantments have a single color option, only vanilla enchantments can be individually colored; in the future I'd like to scan for all enchantments and allow customization.


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