Enchanted Wolves

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All information on this page is about the 1.16 version of enchanted wolves. For pre 1.16 information, see "Legacy" at the bottom. 

This mod adds 6 Collars, which can be crafted and worn by tamed wolves.

The six collars correspond to the six tiers of armor. Leather, Chainmail, Gold, Iron, Diamond and Netherite.



Leather Collar Crafting


The recipe for a leather collar. Place a chain, iron ingot, gold ingot or diamond in the empty space to make a chainmail, iron, golden or diamond collar respectively.  Netherite Collars are made in the same way Netherite armour is (smithing a diamond collar with a Netherite one).

Collars provide half the stats of a full armour set of the corresponding material and can be enchanted (see list of enchants bellow) to provide the wolf with bonuses.  In addition to the enchants provided by the mod, the collar can be enchanted with some vanilla enchantments.  Wolves with collars are also immune to any damage from their owner, including ranged damage from tridents or bows. this does NOT include being pushed into lava or shoved off cliffs, or other environmental hazards.  

Wolves can be equipped with collars by right-clicking them with one in hand. Sneak right-clicking them with an empty hand removes any collar they're wearing.

Collars are visibly represented as a band around their fur.  Leather Collars are dyeable.




Enchanted Wolves provides the following custom enchantments.

Trauma: Adds 0.5 Attack Damage per level. Max 5 levels.


Swiftness: Increases movement speed by 10% per level. Max 3 levels.


Hellhound: Makes attacks set targets on fire for (2 * Level) seconds. Also reduces fire damage taken by 20% * level. Max 2 levels.


Leech Fangs: The wolf will heal for (25% * level) of the damage it deals to mobs via basic attacks. Max 3 levels.


Frostbite: Afflict mobs hit by attacks with Slowness for 3s.  Slowness Level is equal to enchant level. Max 3 levels.

Resurrection:  Treasure enchant. Acquired exclusively through world-generated chests & fishing.  When a wolf with Resurrection takes fatal damage, it is healed to full and teleports to the owner, and Resurrection's enchant level drops by 1, until it reaches 0 and disappears. Max 3 Levels.


Thundermaw:  Treasure enchant. Acquired exclusively through world-generated chests & fishing.  Whenever the wolf damages a mob, there's a (15*level)% chance to summon a Lightning Bolt. This Lightning Bolt will not damage you, but can damage other mobs


Tag Team: When you attack the mob the Wolf most recently attacked, or the wolf attacks the mob you recently attack, you both gain Strength I for 5s. 1 Level.


Weakening Maw:  Wolf's attacks inflicts Weakness I for 3s.


More enchants and additions to come.


The following vanilla & modded enchantments can be applied to the Collar. 


Any enchantments that have the Armor  & Breakable typing such as Protection and Unbreakable (excluding Fire Protection, which is covered by Hellhound in a higher amount and Mending, which cannot function as wolves cannot gain EXP).


Any enchantment with the Wearable tag.




Feather Falling.


You can use this mod in modpacks. Credit me and link to this page. You may not rehost or redistribute this mod elsewhere.






The following are differences between the newest version of Enchanted Wolves and the older ones (pre 1.16). Please do not request a backport of new features, I may do so on my own time. 

Not in the older Versions



Iron Collars (Known as Chain Collars then. Had the same recipe as the Iron Collar), dyeable Leather Collars and Netherite collars. 


Exclusive to older versions



Cushion (Reduces Fall damage), Buffness ( Increases armour) toughness (increases armour toughness) enchantments. All three had functionality provided by vanilla enchantments. The later two essentially did the same thing - reduce damage intake. 


Enchantment Ring


A temporary blue banner around the wolf to signify the collar is enchanted. This no longer exists due to the enchantment gleam working properly.


Collar Equip/Dequip


Collars were equipped with shift-right click and unequipped with shift left click.



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